Summertime has officially set in down in SC. In a place where it doesn’t snow or get that cold, Summer is really our “down time”, and as usual, I am taking the time to reassess and refocus.

May Updates

May traveled great from CA and settled in super well to her field with her other mare friends. It’s a great, massive field with 3 other, older mares, so there is very little shenanigans but enough “togetherness” to suit May. Honestly, my biggest issue with her living situation is that if she is at the far end of the paddock, it is a FAR WALK to her and back.

May walked off the trailer on a Tuesday. I rode her that Thursday and Saturday, and on Sunday, she stepped in as a catch ride for a kid participating in a pony club clinic. And you know what? She was a total angel. The whole farm is in love with her, and she seems appreciative of her appropriate treatment.

May has also found 2 part leasers at our farm, so she is working a pretty steady 4 days a week. Although, she has occasionally stepped in for an extra ride either for me (like the below when Grayson threw a shoe) or another rider an extra day a week. Her leasers are both teenagers who work at the barn to pay for their horsey habit. They’re great girls, and I am so happy to be able to offer them more riding and opportunities with May like a lot of adults did for me when I was a barn rat. For her part, May seems to be genuinely enjoying adventures with teenagers, and we even have a little trail ride planned on property with one of them during the holiday weekend.

May seems to be handling the humidity really well. She has shelter (not that she uses it), but mostly the barn has a decent breeze that seems to suit her just fine. She did have a few weeks off thanks to a hoof bruise. Naturally, I panicked about the length of time it was going on and had the vet out for a full lameness eval and x-rays. All in all, everything looked really solid, and she is now back to work. It may not have been a cheap visit, but I never regret getting hoof x-rays on my chunky mare.

To be completely honest, it hasn’t been the most intelligent financial decision, since May was fully off my payroll, but getting to the barn and seeing both my horses living next to each other happily… that is worth quite a bit to me.

Grayson Updates

Grayson has been doing great. We’ve managed to start taking regular lessons, which is a novel concept for us both. We’ve been averaging about 2 dressage lessons a month and 2 jump lessons, each with different trainers. Honestly, I am still getting my sea-legs back, but I am in constant awe of how far my partnership has come with this guy. When I first got him, we couldn’t get through a 2 stride line to save our lives. Here we are doing a COURSE of them in different variations.

He had started coming out pretty stiff behind as we ramped up his workload. I had done adequan with him over the winter, but it hadn’t made a huge difference for him. This time around, I figured we would be injecting, but with his history, I really didn’t want to do steroids. Luckily, I have a great vet who was happy to chat through all the options with me, including cost and relative expected impact and longevity.

Originally, I thought I would be doing prostride, but my vet actually had been seeing better/longer term results with Arthramid (a polyacrylamid). Naturally, the timing meant that I would miss basically our one opportunity to show in the Spring season, but that was an easy choice. I’d rather our SC debut be one where we both feel our best vs. pushing through just for the sake of pushing through. Results take 4 – 6 weeks with these injections, and I would say we’ve basically been right on with that.

This Monday marked 4 weeks since the injections, and he was feeling pretty great. I had been pretty discouraged by the development of his hind end recently, but even in the last 4 weeks, I have seen a pretty big improvement. I am excited for both our dressage and jumping trainers to see him in the upcoming week. From there, I’m really looking forward to finding a show to go to… probably once the weather cools down a bit again.

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  1. seseidman

    Sounds like things are going pretty great! And now that May has some kiddos sharing her, hopefully the financial side will work out a little better for you. I totally get wanting her here with you. I don’t think I could be on the other side of the country from any of my horses!

    1. Emily

      yeah! luckily I was able to find leasers really quickly and in-house. It’s such a relief to have her here, even though she got the best care in CA and was so incredibly loved there too.

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