Soooo Friday was my 30th birthday and the 24th anniversary of my first ever riding lesson. If only my parents knew how quickly that “I just want a riding lesson for my birthday”, would turn into “I just want a pony for my birthday.”

Since my husband knows me, and loves me, he knew to skip the “gifts for her” section of our local department store. Instead, he hit up the internet (and some of my friends) for things related to XC and Navy. Did I mention he really loves me?

The first gift? Something I have been drooling over since they came out, and that I had on my wish list for KY3DE this year. Navy Professional Choice XC boots:

Now, I have these same boots right now in white, and I LOVE them. Seriously, the little ankle part on the front boots do an amazing job of keep the boots in place. At Team Challenge, we had two waters. At Spring Bay, we rode in DEEP mud. Both times, these boots stayed put. Buuuut the white ones are kind of a giant pain to keep clean. Annnnd with my new commitment to hot pink and navy, I am really excited to have these.

Of course, my friend giving my husband advice is strictly against the mixing of navy and black. As like… a matter of principle. So she had another item that she basically shoved down my husband’s throat as a necessity gently suggested. It’s an item I have gone back an forth on. From a safety perspective, it was probably a necessity. But from a cost perspective, I had been putting it off.

The Charles Owen 4Star Jockey Skull. In Navy. Of Course.

So this thing is um… beautiful. (I know, the hunter princess in me just died a quick but painful death.) I had originally written off the CO helmets when I couldn’t find one of their traditional helmets that fit me. Honestly though, the 4Star felt GREAT (other than being just sliiiightly too small). Luckily, we are able to exchange it for the next size up, so I am SO excited to have this whenever we can go XC again.

Of course, the friend that encouraged my husband to spend the money on that helmet also stepped up to the plate. I don’t have pics of it yet, but there is a navy, pink and sparkly bonnet coming May’s way… We may never set any speed records on XC, but maybe we will set a couple of fashion records.

Update on Flexbile Fit

Still loving the bridle! Second ride in it last night, and May does seem WAY happier. I’ve even ditched the flash for now. But my other update is that they actually emailed me last night to make sure I am still happy with it. How great is that?! Take all my money haha

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  1. Nadia

    Happy Birthday!
    Love the boots and helmet! Your husband is a great gift giver πŸ™‚

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Thank you! He is pretty great πŸ˜‰

  2. roamingridersite

    Happy Birthday! Love those boots. They are in my short list for when we begin needing them.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Thank you! And I am obsessed with those XC boots. My white ones are going to become a schooling pair because you can pry them out of my cold dead hands ahah

  3. martidoll123

    Umm can I have your husband. STRICTLY ON GIFT GIVING. πŸ™‚ Nothing else. My husband who I LOVE dearly is a shit gift giver. He can’t be creative. I need to give him your number Emily for my birthday next year. Bless him. he needs all the help!!
    Nice gifts I CANT Wait to see the bonnet!! YAY

    Oh and happy birthday you fetus you (HOW CAN YOU BE SO YOUNG AND HAVE THE SAME OLD AS EFF MIND AS ME?) How can a 30 year old and an almost 54 year old share a brain πŸ™‚

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Hahaha hes is awesome. He knows that if it has a pony involved, I will be happy

  4. Amanda C

    I fully support all the navy things.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Up next, a navy helmet cover with a pink pom?

      1. Amanda C

        One of the ones I brought back from England was navy with a hot pink pom and stars, it was my favorite of the group!

  5. Bree

    Aww Happy Birthday April buddy! My 30th is in a few days, I hope you had a fab day πŸ™‚

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Thank you! It was a great day. I hope you have a great one too!!

  6. Liz

    Those boots are gorgeous!

  7. Bette

    Your husband is a smart guy!! And those boots!!! You and May will definitely win the fashion award at any event πŸ™‚

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      I picked a good one for sure πŸ˜‰

  8. Stacie Seidman

    That’s a great hubs! Both gifts are beautiful! Happy belated birthday!!!

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Thank you! He’s pretty awesome πŸ€—

  9. eventerinprogress

    Oh they are all AWESOME gifts! Super jealous of the new skull cap!!!

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Thank you! Can’t wait to have the right size in

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