I actually wrote this post last week, but due to life… it is FINALLY being posted.

Things were all quiet on the blog last week last two weeks, as I spent the week with family in Kansas and then work got busy. (Yes, it was windy. No, there were no tornadoes.)

I returned to some great stuff though! AND returned with some great stuff. My awesome mother-in-law offered us an elliptical, and I JUMPED on that opportunity. Schedule changes and life have meant that I haven’t been able to make my fitness classes and bad weather have made it tough to find opportunities to run. But check out THIS bad boy!

As for things waiting for me back in KY, a friend of mine found this old Breyer who, let’s be honest, looks a lot like May. Turns out… it’s a shetland pony, but who cares! She’s perfect <3 Now I just have to find the perfect place for her.

Annnnnnnnnnnd my secret santa gift showed up! Huge thank you to Catherine at Economical Equestrian! How CUTE are these polo wraps? I have now decided that I need to do a Dressage clinic in them… and my pink tutu. Anyone know any Dressage clinicians coming to KY that would be down for that?!

These are SUPER high quality, so if you are in the market for fabric horsey goods, check out Snowy Mountain Horse Shop: https://snowymountainhorseshop.com/

My secret santa order was due to be delivered last week, but I had UPS hold my packages until I got back. (THANK YOU MICHELE FOR REMINDING ME THAT I COULD DO THAT.)

May did not get much of a vacation. She got ridden twice by my trainer and a couple more times by some trusted friends. I think there might even be some video evidence of her having a great jump school with Mandy. Fingers crossed! The result of these rides? She was great for my ride back on Sunday. I try to keep her in a bit of shape, even during the off season. It is just so hard for her to gain fitness and so easy for her to lose it. Either way, she got MOSTLY positive reports for people, but made sure to add a bit of sass to remind everyone exactly who she is.

The saddle front, however, didn’t go as great. While I was gone, my jump saddle was on trial locally. On Friday evening, I busted my butt running all over creation to drop it off before going away. By Sunday morning, I hadn’t heard anything. Like most rational adults, I totally started dreaming that the saddle sold and that I was totally ready to invest in the new saddle I had been dreaming about since MARCH.

Unfortunately, I got the message yesterday afternoon that, after one last ride, she decided it just wasn’t the saddle for her. So… back to driving around creation to retrieve it. Either way, both my 32cm Stubben Genesis saddles are now for sale (Dressage and Jumping). So… if anyone is looking, let me know. I would much rather give someone a great deal than pay a consignment shop, but it might start going that way…

Edit: Saddle is out on another trial, and I have one on trial too… updates later this week!

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  1. martidoll123

    it is ABOUT TIME YOU BLOGGED! okay that out of the way…:) Glad May got ridden while you were gone glad someone else is trying your saddle. GO BUY A DAMN SADDLE WOMAN. life is short spend ALL THE MONEY!! πŸ™‚ And those polo wraps are adorable (as is the Breyer horse, i think its not a shetland but a yellow corgi mare) SO CUTE!!

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      I need money to buy a saddle. If you would like to donate, mail me a check. πŸ˜‰

  2. the_everything_pony

    Don’t feel bad. My lesson post is a month late haha! For some reason the pictures aren’t loading for me, but man I would JUMP on that chance for an ellyptical as well! Those things are great and are at least a lot easier on the knees than running. I’m crossing my fingers one of your saddles gets sold soon! Altho I’m with Michele – it might be good to just grab the saddle. You’ll have better rides, and perhaps won’t feel as stressed about dead ends on the saddle-selling front.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      if I had the money, i would totally just lay it out there for the saddle. But life + holidays means I need at least some cash from ONE of my saddles selling to pay for the new one. Ugh. Might be in a better place in a couple of months. Fingers crossed something sells sooner!

  3. emma

    glad you had a nice vacation but bummer about the saddle. also for whatever reason, not sure it’s my computer being dumb or what, but the images in this post didn’t come through on feedly and aren’t showing here either.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      ugh I dont think I loaded them correctly. Ill have to go back and replace them. That’s what I get for takign shortcuts!

  4. Amanda C

    Must see May in those polos.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      They are fairly epic. I might need a fancier saddle pad to go with them because white just isnt going to cut it.

      1. martidoll123

        yes those polos need to be on May asap so we can all ooh and ahh πŸ™‚

        1. Emily - May As Well Event

          I want it to stop being muddy. I don’t want to expose them to the black dirt in our indoor. >.<

  5. Nadia

    Great Secret Santa gift!! May will look aMAYzing in them lol

  6. Stacie Seidman

    Let’s be real here… May is basically a giant shetland pony, no? Lol, kidding of course, but that Breyer looks so much like her! Bummer about the saddle, but hopefully you’ll find a buyer soon!

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Meh I’m not sure I am kidding hahaha. She literally is an oversized shetland. Complete with trying to run out the arena gate my first lesson on her πŸ˜‰

  7. Tracy

    OMG those polos are spectacular! Thank you so much for participating!!

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      They’re SUCH high quality too. By far the nicest polos I own!

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