As I stared down at the stall assignments for this weekend’s show (and subsequently tried to track down a map of the Kentucky Horse Park), I realized that I have never actually done an overnight event. In Area II, practically everything (at least below Prelim) is one day, so we would trailer there and back in one day. (despite events being 2.5 hours – 3 hours away).

I did some away shows as a junior in the welsh pony/cob world, but that was a different beast altogether.

So tell me people, what advice to you give a first-time over nighter?

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  1. L. Williams

    Just plan for everything to take all day and have a good packing checklist lol

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I’m already like 95% done packing, because #ControlIssues

  2. Nadia

    Bring stuff so that you can tack up at your stall- so a saddle and bridle rack. A way to transport hay to your stall is helpful. Where are you sleeping? Sleep stuff and food, also very important. Manure bucket that has wheels… extra shavings. I mean I could go on?

    1. Emily

      Hahaha Luckily I am going with a big group from my barn so we have a ton of odds and ends (and a wheelbarrow!)

      We’re staying at a hotel nearby. Maybe next year we’ll figure out a camper situation. I am sure I am going to think of a million things I want/need as soon as I get there ?

  3. roamingridersite

    As someone who just signed up for my first HT and debating on going the day before and staying or traveling back and forth 2 hours one way this post is perfectly timed!!! Are you going with a group or by yourself?

    1. Emily

      I’m going with a pretty big group. Our barn is bringing 6 horses. And we are meeting up with a group of another 2 horses. So I’m sure that’ll be part helpful and part chaos ???‍♀️

  4. Bree

    So many of our events are overnight here, in fact I have never done three phases in one day but this Saturday is the day! Take spare everything (breeches, undies, socks!), a good warm coat, make sure where and how you sleep is comfortable (we have swags here, they are awesome because they keep you warm when it’s freezing and they keep the bugs out in summer, we sleep in the float usually and put shavings down while we travel to make it easy to clean), a book, prepare to do a lot of nothing (but still be so busy!), take lots of food and water, try and set up camp near where your horse is to save walking endless miles, you’ll need a fridge or an eski to keep things cold, take a phone charger, a headtorch and a lantern of some kind, don’t forget your towel and thongs (flipflops) for the shower, a chair, extra food for May, treats for May, and I can’t think of anything else super important other than the usual stuff. A spare bucket is handy!

    1. Emily

      Oh the book is a great idea! I should charge my kindle haha. We’re staying at a hotel.

      I have a head torch too that I should bring that I totally hadn’t thought of! Lots of spare buckets (you can never have too many of them!)

      Also it’s in May’s contract that she never performs without treats ?

  5. KC Scott

    Create a packing list in an editable format, then SAVE such document, because when it hits 3 pages and you’ve worked on making it perfect, you will cry buckets of tears when you realize it’s gone forever.

    1. Emily

      HAHAHA this is probably the best advice. I literally have post it notes everywhere… which I know I am going to lose.

  6. martidoll123

    hahaha knowing you you are right on point with packing. As someone who just returned from a week long work trip (NO horses alas) I take way too much but my thoughts are I would rather have EVERYTHING and not need it than not have what I need!! I am that person! 🙂 which is why i need a trailer with a dressing room now. get back on finding me one now that i am back thanks 🙂 Can’t wait to hear how this weekend goes. I do like staying overnight (tho i haven’t done it in 20 plus years) due to being able to unpack.

    1. Emily

      I am pretty excited about waking up and just… being at the show…. It’s definitely going to be a novel feeling.

  7. emma

    so exciting!! i must have misunderstood an earlier post bc i thought the show was this past weekend, but still – hopefully it’s a blast! i’ve never done it either so i don’t have any “lessons learned the hard way” or anything like that, but i try to channel my inner boy scout and ‘always be prepared’ lol. you probably won’t regret being overpacked when it comes to stuff like hay or grain or supplies etc. tracy had a cool packing list on her website for a while that she let me demo, might be worth a look?

  8. hellomylivia

    Refillable water bottle to keep on you, protein bars/snack bars so you don’t have to pay out the butt from the food stand, a power block to charge your phone in case outlets are tough to reach, a tide stick, and some spare towels to help stay clean! I think multi-day shows are even more fun since you get to totally settle in and enjoy the atmosphere, you’re going to have a blast with your teammates!

  9. Stacie Seidman

    I think everyone covered the important stuff, so my advice is to have fun! Enjoy getting up at a more reasonable hour to do the showing without the driving part same day! I so much prefer staying at a show to shipping in because you have time to get organized and settled. Enjoy!

    1. Emily

      Yeah all my ride times are SUPER reasonable, so there won’t really be a morning rush at all. It’s going to be an odd feeling.

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