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Last week was the first week in a long time where I only rode my horse once. On Tuesday, my trainer rode her, and I had all the plans in the world to ride on Thursday evening. Then… I got stuck at work until almost 7:30PM. UGH. Friday wasn’t an option because #Life. And then Saturday I had some adulting duties to attend to.


So Sunday, I got to the barn relatively early (before 9AM), and I pulled May out of the field. (Turns out, if it’s not too hot out yet, she is right near the gait eating grass. Good to know.) I threw her in her stall to give her a chance to drink some water, as I pull out my tack. Her field has an automatic waterer, which I have seen her use many times, but when the grazing is good, May would much prefer damp grass over actual water. (I feel the same way about a milkshake vs. actual water)

By the time I threw tack on, it was around 9:30, and I was already covered in sweat. Glorious. Given that she hadn’t been ridden since Tuesday, I figured I would do a fitness ride. 5 min of walk. 4 sets of 3 min of trot with 1 min of walk in between. 2 sets of 2 min of canter with 1 min walk in between. 5 min walk. Total ride, about 32 minutes with about half of that walking.

The cool think about our farm is there is ALMOST a complete track loop around the property. Unfortunately, it is kind of disrupted by the arenas/indoor/driveway. and it is super hilly between the arenas and the paddocks, so you can only really walk up and down that section.


My solution? I started looping and reversing direction through the arena, since the gaits are left open enough to trot though them (with some caution). I for sure wouldn’t canter through them, and I probably wouldn’t have done this if anyone else was riding in the outdoor, but it was just me and May. It worked out really well, especially since one loop around what part of the loop is available is about 1.5 minutes of canter. Winning.

I figured May was going to be kind of forward and want to blow through my half halts, so I was surprised when she came out kind of behind my leg. I think I spent the first two trot sets kicking her along and wishing I had my Dressage whip with me. Oh well, notes for next time. She really does not like the heat.

However, a ton of walk breaks meant that, by the time we were done, she was hot and tired but not overly uncomfortable. We just about broke a full body sweat before finishing, so I figure that’s a job well done in this weather. How did May feel about it though? Less than enthused.


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  1. the_everything_pony

    Hahahaha! Yes she’s certainly less than enthused about this heat! That’s Amber’s face now whenever I get her out to “work” and she sweats a little more than usual LOL.

  2. Karen

    I saw you look around the arena and i thought WHY HADN’T I THOUGHT OF THAT

    1. Emily

      I have been at AVF for more than a year… and that idea finally popped into my thick skull lol. Let’s see if my horse tries to bolt out the gate in our next lesson 😉

  3. Stacie Seidman

    Sounds like a great plan for a hot day! I was up and on my first horse at 5:30 both days this weekend so we wouldn’t all melt! It was actually really nice once I dragged myself out of bed. So much free time when horses are done by 10 am!

    1. Emily

      Omg! So early! hahaha. It was definitely not negotiable to be done riding by 10AM tho.

  4. KC Scott

    That face tho….and YES- milkshakes over water any day of the week!

  5. L. Williams

    Not only were you doing physical conditioning but also heat conditioning, well done!

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