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In case I needed more reason to stick to my “no horse trials in July” rule with May, basically the entire state of KY is under an extreme heat warning from 2PM today THROUGH 8PM on SUNDAY. The heat alone is one thing, but look at the right hand column of this chart:

July Weather

So much UGH. I included Tuesday so that you can see what type of weather KY is actually capable of. Beautiful, reasonable 82 degrees with 50% humidity and a light breeze.

So what’s the plan for the weekend? Most of the barn is actually going to a horse trial at the Hoosier Horse Park (part of me is actually a bit jealous). So I am probably just going to get up early and get to the barn in the coolest part of the days. If it’s too hot, then we will just have to settle for light hack days and baths. Especially with a horse like May, I really don’t believe in pushing it.

Also, in case you all were worried, May was clearly not exhausted from her pro ride on Wednesday… as I got this text yesterday afternoon.

I swear… she waits until the barn is quiet for a while and then looks for ways to sneak out. I figure she went to check on Barbie and Lady, her friends that stay out all day, got a quick lunch out, and then headed back before realizing she couldn’t get back in the way she came. Oh mares.


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  1. Liz

    Not showing sounds like a perfect idea with all of that hot, humid weather! Yucko!

  2. Megan K

    Yeah I have a ‘no competitions in july rule’ as well because frankly… I don’t like being that uncomfortable. There’s plenty of season left in the spring and fall without absolutely melting!!

    1. Emily

      Yeah. Nothing about 95 degree days with 65% humidity makes me want to put on a XC vest and gallop around in the sun. YUCK

    1. Emily

      oh yeah? The Hoosier Horse Park is always a super fun place to show out of, and I bet the footing is going to be just about perfect this weekend.

      1. Holly

        I was supposed to be there this weekend, but we’re a scratch (came up sore last Thursday) and honestly… it’s supposed to be a ‘feels like’ temp of 107-110 here/there all weekend too and I’m not super heartbroken not to run XC in that. Or ride in it at all, really. Plus, I feel like HHP is always 10 degrees warmer than Indy. I’m sad not to show and to lose my money, but I’m not going to miss the potential heat stroke!

        1. Emily

          Disappointed that you had to scratch. But maybe the forces of nature are trying to tell you something ?

  3. roamingridersite

    HAHAHAH! She is hilarious with her sneaky ways. Glad she doesn’t get herself into too much trouble when she takes her stroll around the farm

  4. emma

    this heat is brutal tho, ugh ๐Ÿ™ we’ve mostly kept riding in it tho (including an xc lesson at 2pm yesterday in 95* weather bc i make the most excellent life choices…) and honestly we’ve kinda just gotten used to the heat. and evenings after work haven’t been too too terrible, at least. fwiw, the humidity is often higher in the morning compared to midday, when the temps are higher. so it’s kinda a tradeoff, a hot, sticky, nasty tradeoff… bleh

    1. Emily

      Yeah not a fun trade off at all. Other horses Iโ€™ve seen do totally fine in the heat, but May has made it very clear that sheโ€™s a cool weather pony. I will pretty rarely STOP riding but definitely dial it down when it gets like this. Ugh.

  5. Amanda C

    Texas is super disgusting too, 97 today with 60+% humidity. It’s like… inhumane. I do Henry’s vacation in the summer for a reason!

    1. Emily

      Ewwww I just couldnโ€™t hahah. Idk how you live down there

  6. martidoll123

    yeah i am so glad a lot of areas in the country are joining Tennessee for god awful heat. That is so sweet HA! But even if i wanted to ride the flies are determined to keep me off. The other day it had stopped raining and was about 80 so I thought for five seconds about getting on and then five big ass horse flies landed on Remus. NOPE.

    May is so special. Love her and her independent ways. What a brat ๐Ÿ™‚ hee hee

    UGH nothing is worse than running XC in that heat. I hope your barn takes lots of water and ice. Yikes…

    Sorry Holly you had to scratch that sucks!!

  7. Stacie Seidman

    Trainer wanted me to show this weekend, but the one option is Sunday when the high is 99… with a heat index of 110. I think I’ll pass!
    Sounds like you have a good plan for the weekend though! And I’m glad May didn’t do anything too silly during her adventure!

    1. Emily

      yeahhhh I would pass too. The nice thing about H/J shows is that you can make that decision once you know the weather! I definitely miss that.

      1. Stacie Seidman

        One day shows anyway! The multi day shows you have to enter in advance and pay for the stall.

  8. Karen Taylor

    The humidity is OBNOXIOUS. I’ve been riding at 7am many days. It’s getting OLD.

    1. Emily

      I have to be at work by 8AM… so I have been seriously considering getting up at 5AM haha. Not sure May will let me catch her at that time though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. L. Williams

    Ugh yeah I do not miss the triple digit heat of where I grew up, I do miss the lack of humidity though :/

    1. Emily

      The humidity is by far the biggest issue. Altho, today it is like 75, breezey, with no humidity. Go.Figure.

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