There are times in life where… stuff just happens hahaha. When I put my Dressage saddle up for sale, I cleaned it up, took some quick pics, and threw them on facebook. After a few weeks of no bites, I brought it home for a proper deep clean and glam photo shoot.

That was when I noticed this…

UGH. So I looked back through the other pics… and I clearly should’ve looked closer at them at the time.

Remind you, it has now been WEEKS since I took that second pic… But that didn’t stop me from rifling through the grass at the barn trying to find that tiny screw cover. Not surprisingly, I came away empty handed.

I figured that it was probably worth buying the new piece (if the cost was reasonable), so that I was sending off a 100% intact saddle to a new owner. (IF I EVER FIND A NEW OWNER)

So I shot Stubben’s North American team an email. Mind you, I bought this saddle second hand and not from Stubben… So while I am someone that rides in Stubben saddles, I am not exactly a Stubben customer.

They emailed me back within a couple of hours asking for my address and the serial number of my saddle. I sent both off and waited for the cost. The email I got back, “Thank you! I will see if we have an extra one hanging around, and I will drop it in the mail to you.”

It arrived on Monday and screwed right in, like the original piece. It was pretty refreshing to have a quick and painless interaction with a saddle company.

And since I have no shame, here is a link to the ebay listing again: Click Here

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  1. the_everything_pony

    That is actually really nice! I wish it was all that painless lolol

    1. Emily

      Right! Hahaha It’s amazing how often companies get a chance to just… be easy to work with.. and they make it a chore

  2. roamingridersite

    That was really nice of them. Customer service can be scary at times but wow. Kudos to Stubben!

  3. Nadia

    Good customer service is really everything, isn’t it?

    1. Emily

      It really is. My expectation was to either get a “nope. sorry” after a week… or a “Sure, that will be $75 + $10 shipping”. Never did I expect to have the whole thing resolved in 24 hours at no cost to me haha.

  4. emma

    that’s awesome! i had a similar experience with Bates when i first bought my jump saddle and it was missing the logo’d cap on the head nail, they just up and sent over a new nail. i guess stuff like that is relatively common and superficial, but can make a big difference in marketing, so they’re quick to help?

    1. Emily

      I guess! Either way, I am super thankful. I really didn’t want to sink more money into a saddle I’m selling

  5. draftmare

    Ugh. I have had a saddle for sale since….November….October….somewhere in there and no serious bites. I just want it gooooooone. But yay on Stubben for being awesome.

    1. Emily

      oh no! Don’t tell me that. I need to sell this one in order to buy myself a new jump saddle. UGH

  6. That’s great! I had a similar experience with M Toulouse. I had misplaced my tree-adjusting tools, shot them a note to ask if I could buy them, and instead they just mailed me a new set. Seamless, super easy and really good customer service is the best!

    1. Emily

      Yes! It really takes something from being a total bummer/annoyance, to being a positive experience with the company.

  7. martidoll123

    I am so glad they helped you out. I have to say Stubben customer service was great for me too and I was buying a demo so it wasn’t like high end (Well high end for me it was) LOL! NOW LETS SELL THAT SADDLE!!

    1. Emily

      If you decide you want a Dressage saddle, I will give you a good deal 😉

      1. martidoll123

        haha it is too big for Remus. 29 remember? 🙂 But if you are giving it away! HA

  8. HunkyHanoverian

    Yayyyy! I love hearing about good customer service! When one of the tabs on my year old Majyk Equipe boots broke they sent me 4 new straps with tabs for FREE. Cost me $10 to have a cobbler replace the broken one. So quick and painless.

    1. Emily

      That’s awesome! It’s so worth doing business with companies that care.

  9. L. Williams

    That is awesome! So glad that stubben could just send you one!

    1. Emily

      Right! I was so impressed.

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