Shout out to Michele for not only making the trek to KY, but for trusting us with her horse for the past couple of months! I know it was a massive leap of faith, even with the amount of media I know she received from me and my trainer.

I think I spent more time at the barn over this past weekend than I have in MONTHS… and I never rode my horse hahahah.

Friday night, everyone managed to sneak in a XC schooling at the venue the barn was showing at this week. Since it was my part leaser’s first horse trial with May on Sunday, she got to take her for the XC schooling.Β The schooling was fairly quick, since all the horses were pretty accustom to the level they were schooling.


Remus got to go too, but I won’t spoil that fun for Michele. πŸ˜‰

Then, I proceeded to totally not sleep on Friday night. I guess my lack of sleep was due to like… a whole plethora of stuff going on. A vast chunk of it is work. We are in desperate need of help, but I can’t seem to find anyone to interview. Much less hire! Apparently, it is impossible to find someone with a bachelors degree (of some sort) and some financial services experience in KY. Tips anyone? We have been looking for 6 months, and the work just keep piling on.


Two was anxiety about someone else showing May. I know this is dumb. These two have been taking lessons together for the last 7 months, and their XC schooling went off without a hitch. May is a total professional, AND they have done a CT together. Oh well, our feelings about our horses aren’t always rational.

Finally, I was super nervous about Michele coming. Like I said, she took a MASSIVE leap of faith when she threw her horse on a trailer and sent him up to KY. What if she got her and was super upset with the barn (not fancy), the training on her horse, or Remus’s condition? Or a MILLION other things?!

Either way, my mind kept working over these things, and I was pretty thankful when the sun finally came up, and I could get on with the day.

I met Michele at the barn early, and she got to see Remus and drop off her truck and trailer. Remus got pets and a promise that we would be back that night. We hit up a local tack shop, where I kept it pretty rational and only got May a new fly mask (needed), a new hoof pick (kind of needed), and a bonnet (not needed at all).

After lunch, we went back to my house and CRASHED until dinner. Then, it was back to the barn for Michele’s lesson. Again, no spoilers from me. πŸ˜‰


Sunday was show day! Luckily, my trainer was nice enough to take the early division first, so we didn’t need to be at the barn until after 8AM. Remus stayed clean, so we did a few barn chores before heading over to the show. I am not sure what Michele expected, but I am SURE it was not the CARAVAN of people my barn seemed to bring.

We had 5 horses showing… but we had 3 trailers and probably another half a dozen cars tucked away in the back of the field everyone parked at. The show was great. We got rained on a bit, but the ponies were perfect.

May and her part leaser put in a great Dressage test, putting them in third. They caught the first rail in Stadium, when May decided she would rather stare at the other horses than the jump, but the rest of the round was Hoof Perfect! XC is May’s best phase, and the two of them had a great run to keep their third place position in the BN division. Yay! Super sad to see that partnership end, but glad they went out with some success.

[wpvideo zDcuQosu]

After all that, I slept HARD on Sunday night, and I am sure May did too! I have my own lesson tonight, and then May is getting a few days off, while I go visit my mom in Florida. More updates, hopefully before I leave.

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  1. KC Scott

    So jealous you and Michele got to hang out! And look at May go- she’s definitely ready for you to take her BN!

  2. martidoll123

    I though I commented on this. LOL I still cant believe we didnt get a photo together. I did get photos of you just not with me but with my horse! HA… was so much fun but so exhausting. And yes more cars than people were there for sure!!

    And Remus was well cared for even fat still if in better shape at least. I had no worries about you guys (but maybe I am a bit naive??) HA HA I am just glad he came up there and glad to know he has an open invitation back. πŸ™‚

    And Sarah and May were great except it kept throwing me off seeing someone else on May. I would see May and go wait…who is that. I am used to you being on her!!

    And I still call dibs on May! If I had had a bigger truck I would have attempted to steal her πŸ™‚

    1. Emily

      I think I got called Sarah and Sarah got called Emily like 5 or 6 times on Sunday. hahaha

  3. roamingridersite

    May looks great out there! Glad it all worked out and I hope things calm down at work

    1. Emily

      Pony filled weekends are always the best weekends!

  4. Stacie Seidman

    Sounds like such a fun weekend! (Other than the sleepless night, obviously.) May looks like she’s having so much fun out there on cross country!

    1. Emily

      She loves XC more than anything else… except eating. Eating is pretty great πŸ˜‰

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