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With our first event coming up this weekend, I began to doubt if we would be able to squeak in a XC schooling. I figured that, with us doing Starter, May and I would be totally ok. However, I got a text around 2PM asking if I would be open to going schooling instead of a lesson. All of NT’s lessons that afternoon were going to the show, so it was easy enough to organize a quick XC schooling. The joys of being in KY, this venue was only a 3 minute trailer ride from my barn!

We were able to throw everything on the trailer and get going by 6PM, which for us, is a huge accomplishment. We figured we had until at least 7:30PM before the light got too dim to get anything accomplished. This was my first time going XC schooling with NT, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect.

I quickly learned that NT has a preference for putting together courses vs. schooling individual elements. Part of this is probably due to the fact that we had 3 fairly experienced horses with us. (May and one of the geldings have both gone BN, annnnnd the other gelding had done a 1* haha). However, the courses were built to be inviting at first and harder after you got your groove on.

The first course, NT started out really easy on me and May. We went over a little baby log, popped over a house in the shade, down the hill to a little roll top, over a bigger coup, and finished up over some stacked logs.

[wpvideo xDkUGQLY ]

Feedback? I needed to ride a bit more forward. NT had us go out again, but told us to take the BN option at the end.

[wpvideo zDcuQosu]

Other than getting left behind a bit at jump 2, where I totally didn’t trust the big spot in the shade, it rode great!

The next round, we started with the starter house, over a larger house, down the hill, through the brush, over the ditch, up the coop, over the BN open oxer, and finished through the 2 stride line. This was kind of a funny line because the height was BN, but the question was not a BN question.

Before starting this course, NT asked me if May had any problem with ditches. I gave her a quick “nope” and then immediately thought, “Please do not make me a liar horse.”

I was really happy with our execution of this course! (and the ditch was a complete non-issue.) I was really guarding against the right shoulder drift through the two stride and probably was a little too aggressive, and I ended up riding her a bit left through the combination. Either way though, she jumped FANTASTIC over the out brush.

At this point, I was kind of dying. I somehow developed a pretty nasty sinus infection that came to a head yesterday, so my ability to get breath into my lungs was severely comprised. I actually felt a bit dizzy and overall just not great. I decided at that point to forgo any long courses. We didn’t need a repeat of last week, and May felt great!

We moved on to the “water” complex… which hadn’t really been filled with water for the year. Oh well, we splashed through the puddles and then practiced the banks. Again, NT asked me if she cared about ditches. My response? “Nope, but she’s going to make me a liar if you keep asking.” Luckily, she didn’t!

First we came down the bank we did at last year’s starter event at this venue and then up the out bank of what should have been the water complex. We then looped around and came back through.

Not super surprising that May just popped right through it. The part of this exercise that was caught on video was better than the beginning. May wasn’t super thrilled to be trotting over the rocks of the water complex with no water in it. Oh well. Still adorable.

The last exercise we participated in was working on terrain in less than ideal footing. The footing was considerably deeper in this field than the other one, and there were some good patches of mud. We worked on coming up and down a steep hill and then over a little roll top. Issues? Nope.

Overall, it was a really fun outing. It feels great to be a part of a barn team again. In every video, you can hear people cheering and egging us on. It was a beautiful night, and I am super excited to show this weekend!

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  1. martidoll123

    So the trick is for you not to be able to breathe and have a sinus infection and let May take the wheel. You guys look amazing! I love how much motor she has for a fat corgi pony. Maybe she can rub off on Remus some?? πŸ™‚ I cant wait to hear how it goes this weekend (YOU KNOW I EXPECT TEXTS RIGHT?)

    1. Emily

      May is much happier when I am just a passenger hahaha

  2. the_everything_pony

    I looks like SUCH a lovely day! And you guys looked great out there! May is so gung ho it’s adorable lol. And yay for lots and lots of media!

    1. Emily

      May was SO HAPPY to be out and doing it again. We were all joking how it SNOWED at this show last year. This year? it might hit 70!

      1. the_everything_pony

        Ooooo gorgeous! We’ve had such weird weather too and now it’s 70 as well! Neither the horses nor the people know what to do ? and fingers crossed for the show!

        1. Emily

          thanks! We need as many fingers crossed as humanly possible haha

  3. nadsnovik

    That looks like so much fun and great prep for your upcoming show!!

    1. Emily

      It was super fun. We both just really enjoyed getting out there and getting some XC reps in.

  4. Amanda C

    Looks like y’all were both having a blast!

    1. Emily

      totally. Might be little stuff, but it was still super fun πŸ™‚

  5. Liz

    Look at those happy ears on that little horse! And I am green with envy over you having a 3 minute trailer ride for XC schooling .

    1. Emily

      She is super happy hahaha. This venue is so great to have access to because it has everything from baby starter through some Prelim options.

  6. Kristy B

    Weeee!! That looked like it was a ton of fun!

    1. Emily

      So much fun!

  7. hellomylivia

    Look at you guys go, it looks like you were both having a blast!!

    1. Emily

      We had such a good time! I think May had more fun than I did. πŸ˜‰

  8. roamingridersite

    That venue looks wonderful. Lots of questions and terrain but still room for smaller questions too. And so close to you! Good luck and have fun this weekend!

    1. Emily

      Thank you! It’s a really nice venue and super close, which is a big help.

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