Remember when I was pretending I was going to be all responsible and save my extra gift cards for new breeches? Well… that plan went out the window REAL FAST once I was in an actual tack shop. (Funny how that happens). I ended up going a bit… wild… for me, and I bought things I just generally wanted instead of things I in any way really need. It’s been a long time since I let myself indulge like this, and it felt pretty good. SO WHAT DID I GET?

Flexi Spur Set

So I haven’t even tried these out yet, so have no real opinion on them. I really love my new boots (and will love them more once it’s not winter and I can wear normal pants under them). Unfortunately, I love them so much that I have hesitated putting spurs on them for fear of scratching them. My favorite spurs are… somewhere… I have no idea where, and the spurs I have been using are just little nubs that I am 90% convinced only have a placebo effect.

flexi spur setSo when I spied the spur rack, I immediately wondered if I could find a pair of rubber coated spurs. The rubber coated Stubben ones were $60…. I hemmed and hawed, and then looked at the basket at the bottom. There sat some unobtrusive black and rubber spurs. I liked the length and smoothness of the actual spur, the rubber coated interior, and the price point ($18… including fabric straps.) SOLD.

Then, I got home and mildly panicked that they weren’t legal because they weren’t metal. Here’s the actual rule (bolding is mine):

Spurs are optional for all three tests. Spurs capable of wounding a horse are forbidden. Spurs must be of smooth metal. If there is a shank it must not be longer than 4 cm (1 9/16 inches, measured from the boot to the end of the spur) and must point only towards the rear. If the shank is curved, the spurs must be worn only with the shank directed downwards. Metal or plastic spurs with round hard plastic or metal knobs “Impulse spurs” and “Dummy spurs” with no shank are allowed.

Since these are smooth and not particularly long, I think we are good. Anyone reading this differently? Worst case scenario, I can always change out my spurs for shows, but I like the idea of having the rubberized material stabilizing the spur against my boot.

LeMieux™ X-Grip EuroJump Square Pad in Navy

Alright, this dude is on sale for $130 right now… so it is still above what I typically pay for saddle pads (my white, smartpak branded pads.)


56970721092__40a8415f-09ab-4146-ba4a-ab7280861807I have wanted something grippy and stock absorbing for XC. I have been using a ECP pad (the ecogold knockoff), and I like it…. but it definitely doesn’t fit quite right under the stubben. (also, if I do end up going to any rated shows, it would be nice to have one pad for SJ and another for XC). I also wanted to have a color with my next pad and NAVY! so YAY!

I rode in it on Tuesday. It seemed to have some shock absorption, but I didn’t feel as disconnected from the saddle as I did with my ogilvy. Everything stayed in place for the short ride, and it fit far better under my 18″ stubben. So far so good! And I am excited to have a fancy pad for things… because that’s important? I told you guys, this haul was not totally rational.

Professional´s Choice® VenTECH™ Contoured Jump Girth

Is this not the worst stock photo you have ever seen? And it’s literally the only photo of this product available… cool guys.

prochoice girth

I have been putting off getting a new girth for May for basically… forever. Her old as dirt SmartPak girth is starting to rust… and since the Stubben has really short billets (and May can hold her breath like no horse I have ever met), it’s also too short. I guess a new girth was somewhat sitting in the back of my mind when we went to look at helmets.

Then, after I put the helmet on the counter… this girth was RIGHT THERE.

First thoughts:

  • I love that the liner removes for easy washing (it was a feature of my old girth that I actually used)
  • The carabiner clip is held flat with a sturdy (seeming) piece of leather. I haven’t played around with this yet, but it’s always a handy feature. (But something I would 100% avoid if May was ever in bar shoes. I don’t care how “safe” it looks at the onset.)
  • The elastic is surprisingly long. I guess this is to keep down the bulk under your leg? In my case, it just made it somewhat easier to get on a fat horse who chooses to be fatter when saddles.
  • Speaking of fat horses, non slip is my friend and non-negotiable.
  • May HATES long leather girths, so I was a bit worried that the stiffer exterior on this one (Dover says it’s a TPU shell? but it just feels like plastic) would bother her. But it is flexible enough to be comfortable, and is better shaped for her forward girth groove than a traditional girth.

After using it on Tuesday, I was pretty pleased with how well it distributes pressure, despite the shape. May seemed to like it as well, and it looks quite nice with my saddle.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my “impulse” purchases at first glance, but I will definitely let you all know how these things age!

Have you bought anything “fun but not totally necessary” lately?

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  1. the_everything_pony

    I feel like most tack hauls aren’t rational haha! Most things you don’t NEED but uh….shopping? I am literally DYING to grab the PS of Sweden French blue set that they just came out with, and the only thing stopping me is that I don’t have a horse to ride LOL. Or else it would be MINE haha. But you still got stuff you liked, it looks great on May (I’ll have to look into that LeMieux pad whenever I may have another horse cause it looks REALLY good on May and under that saddle), and she even likes the girth! Win win all around 😉

    1. Emily

      I think my half leaser was more excited than I was for the girth… the whole girth extender thing has been a real pain hahaha.

      The LeMieux pad is soooo pretty. Already envisioning the show pics with it. 😉

  2. CobJockey

    Wow, that pad fits amazing under your jump saddle! Nothing bothers me more than a jump pad whose flap shape doesn’t fit the saddle.

    1. Emily

      Right! My ECP was PERFECT for my albion… but I really have to shift it around to get it to look ok under my stubben. I will still use both, but I’m definitely happy with how it looks.

  3. martidoll123

    I love that i can live thru all the things you are buying and not spend money. I think you needed every one of those things! 🙂

    1. Emily

      Hahaha thanks for encouraging me 😉

  4. AMC

    I love that pad!

    When riding warehouse was having a sale last month I bought three new Haas brushes, and I love them so far. I already had a super stiff one I got as a gift the previous Christmas so I got some softer ones and a mud remover and so far (when I can get out to see him) Juice is so shiny and not dandruffy. I need to do a post on it once I’m using them more.

    1. Emily

      oh I would LOVE all new brushes. I got a couple through the blogger exchange, so it’s given me the bug.

  5. Karen & Hampton

    Gah that saddle pad looks awesome!

    1. Emily

      It’s super cool. Suede-like on the outside.

  6. draftmare

    Those LeMieux pads are super awesome. I have been on a bit of a saddle pad spending spree lately because my jump saddle didn’t really work with any of my dressage saddle pads, imagine that.

    1. Emily

      Hahaha So far, I am really happy with mine!

  7. Stacie Seidman

    Looks like a great haul! The pad fits your saddle PERFECTLY!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I am so happy it fit. (I even did the first ride with the tags still on haha)

  8. Amanda C

    I saw that pad in Dover the other day! It’s pretty.

    I blew my christmas RW gift cards in like 24 hours so I’m all about the fun splurge life. I’ve been trying to behave myself lately though in general. I might be screwed though next month when we go to Ocala… I’ve got my eyes on a consignment store…

    1. Emily

      Hahah I really wanted to check out another tack shop in Cincinnati that came highly recommended… but I knew that if I walked in there, I was going to walk out with MORE stuff.

    1. Emily

      Thanks! The saddle pad is definitely my favorite (other than the helmet).

  9. eventerinprogress

    Yes, alot of things. A post about which will be done next week haha

  10. roamingridersite

    That pad….I’m not even a saddle pad person but I just may need to drive up to Dover in Tryon and check it out in person. Your haul looks pretty perfect

    1. Emily

      You have to get your hands on it. Soft suede on the outside… squishy but grippy half pad. If someone could talk romantically about a pad… it would be this one hahaha

  11. L. Williams

    That LeMieux saddle pad looks very interesting!

    1. Emily

      Its pretty cool!

  12. HunkyHanoverian

    That saddle pad looks awesome, albeit pricey. Then again, if you use it for shows and take care of it it will probably last forever. Plus I love navy. That girth looks super cool! You will have ot report back how you like everything after using it awhile.

    1. Emily

      I will! The pad is definitely a “special occasions” thing, but the girth will get regular use/abuse. Fingers crossed that it holds up!

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