Whew! I’ve been away from the blog for a few days as the holidays have pretty much taken my life by storm. While the activities this year were, in some ways, lighter than years past, I am somehow still sitting at my desk, exhausted, on a Thursday. Let’s recap!

Blogger Gift Exchange!

On Sunday morning, the husband and I were hustling out the door to go to a football game with a couple of friends, and I basically stumbled over a box that had arrived… at some point over night? early morning? Who knows. I didn’t recognize the “From” address, so I immediately figured it was my blogger secret santa! Unfortunately, we were in a terrible rush, so I didn’t get to open it until later that night.

However, it definitely did not disappoint! Sarah at A Soft Spot for Stars was my secret Santa, and she did an awesome job! This is my second year participating, and I am always blown away by what gifts everyone comes up with. I receive 2 new, beautiful brushes, a jumper decal, and May got treats! (which she actually got to eat on Christmas!) Sarah got an immediate message, since I knew I would have no time to write this post for a few days.

Massive Thank You goes to Tracy at The Printable Pony for pulling off this incredible feat!

Christmas Gifts!

I’ll keep this (mostly) horse related to keep you all from being bored by the details. First and foremost? BOOTS!

Ariat Boots

The husband ended up buying me the Ariat Ladies’ Heritage Contour II Field Boots in a 7 foot, medium height, and wide width. I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the updates they made to these boots vs. my original Heritage Contour boots. They added elastic to the top tab and a zipper keeper, a leather piece to protect the back of your ankle from the zipper, and an even better footbed. While I can’t get them COMPLETELY zipped yet in breeches in socks, and they still need to drop, I did get to ride in them on Christmas. Even not zipped up all the way, they felt really good, and I am sure they are going to feel amazing once broken in.

If you have to buy a boot off the rack, and you are a somewhat hard to fit size, I really do like these boots. With all things, I will give you all an update in a few months with my longer term thoughts.

I also got a great gift from NT… A new saddle pad with the barn logo on it. 🙂 Super excited to rep the barn-wear at some 2019 events, clinics, etc.


More of this year’s gifts were fitness related than specifically horse related. I got a new fitbit (the Charge 3). I’ve had the Charge 2 for two years now, and I even had fitbit replace the actual middle unit after it died on me last year. Unfortunately, I could tell that the heart-rate monitor and bluetooth connection was starting to go. Messages no longer came through to my wrist and most of my workouts came back with “no data” for heart-rate.

The new one is rose gold with a lavender band and a black band. The screen is slightly bigger, and it gives me a ton more options through the new interface. (Send me a message if you want to be fitbit buddies!) OH and this version is swim-proof, so no more worries about it getting wet at the barn.

I also got new sneakers and an amazing pair of yoga pants. I am usually playing the  “How Cheap Can I Find Workout Gear on Amazon Without It Being See Through”  game (these worked out), so getting a seriously nice pair of yoga pants was a serious treat. I feel like they are seriously on-par with lululemon’s but not nearly that pricey.

My last gift? A gift card to Dover! I have been scanning the website, waffling between the practical (a spare sheet for May), to the somewhat fun (new SJ boots), to the absolutely unnecessary but I want it anyway (a new helmet for showing). I think I should save it. If I lose the weight I want to lose (the holidays DID NOT HELP), then I will need new breeches, and it would feel really good to spend the gift card on that pair.


Did you all have a great holiday? Did you get any horsey gifts? Should I blow my gift card on something fun now?

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  1. martidoll123

    you should wait but i would use it up immediately 🙂 HA! great gifts and that sly dog your hubby buying you new boots YAY he wins! Great loot! Those fitbits have come so far. I still have the original watch from Apple but that one you got is gorgeous!! Swoon 🙂

    Mark got me a bunch of plastic fence posts so my xmas present is extending Remus and Tate’s field out even further. Too bad I can’t let them out today due to upcoming rain and the wind is horrible. (I would totally let them out anyway BUT a) mud and b) storms are called for all day!! crazy!! But we worked on the field yesterday and I think Remus is going to love having new (and dry!) areas to sleep and eat in! Does that count as horsey? HA

    1. Emily

      Totally counts. 🙂 Although, you all are going to need to have a separate celebration for when mud season ends!

      1. martidoll123

        We have champagne in fridge for that LOLLOL

  2. Amanda C

    I blew $400 worth of gift cards in about 5 minutes at Riding Warehouse yesterday so I am not the right person to listen to in that regard.

    1. Emily

      Hahaha but look at the cool stuff you’re getting!!!

      1. Amanda C

        too bad the coat is backordered until the end of February!

        1. Emily

          You’re going to forget about it, and then get a REALLY nice surprise.

    2. Stacie Seidman

      So I ordered the black motion lite right before xmas, and it had a Feb back order date too. It actually arrived on the 24th, so you will probably see it sooner. And shut up, yes I bought it. It was 20% off and all your fault.

      1. Amanda C

        I hope it does arrive sooner, I wannit.

  3. Tracy

    Those brushes are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks again for participating in the gift exchange!!

    1. Emily

      They’re awesome and SUPER soft. I have like 0 soft brushes, so it was a really nice treat.

  4. roamingridersite

    Nothing horsey here but I did splurge on the new saddle this month so I am counting that. Beautiful new boots and the fitbits are getting better and better with each update. You got some seriously awesome loot!

    1. Emily

      oh but your saddle is SO PRETTY!

  5. the_everything_pony

    Ahhhhh I got a skillet with lid. That I added to my list cause I needed one LOL No really fun horsey stuff for Christmas unless you count the beanie with LED lights so I can muck poop in the dark of winter haha! Those boots look really lovely tho! Kudos to the hubby! lol And getting a new fitbit sounds great! Such good things for Christmas!

  6. nadsnovik

    I hear ya on the cheap workout wear! I always try to find stuff at Target, but I have had great success with Nike products, especially when on sale!

    1. Emily

      I have been known to “dumpster dive” in the clearance section at Dick’s haha

  7. Carly

    Yeah I got gainz for the holidays. Literally so much gainz. I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to ask for so everyone just got me food. Which is PERFECT, except wow the gainz.

    1. Emily

      hahaha all da gainz!

  8. Kristy B

    Nothing horse related over here. My parents think I’m too old for that ? but I make up for it working in a tack store lol.

    Lots of books though ! And mostly smaller stuff outside of a lululemon sweater and a Herschel duffle bag. The joys of getting older !

    1. Emily

      hahaha If getting older means less horse stuff, I don’t want to grow up!

      1. Kristy B

        I’m so far past the point of them not gifting me horse stuff I don’t mind as much anymore.
        It’s the more practical things that make me realize my age. And the fact I was looking forward to getting new socks and didn’t get any ?

  9. Stacie Seidman

    Woohoo new boots!!! They look gorgeous!
    I mean practically you should save the gift card, but like… Treat ‘yo self too ya know?

    1. Emily

      I really need to do an old vs. new comparison pic of my boots now hahaha. It’s pretty dramatic.

      The treat ‘yo self part of my brain is starting to win out… after all, I am definitely going to win the lottery and be DISGUSTINGLY rich by the end of 2019… right?

  10. Genny - A Gift Horse Blog

    I’ve been eyeing those boots as possible replacements for my tredsteps! You’ll have to let me/us all know if you keep loving them 🙂

    1. Emily

      I will! I’ve only been able to ride in them once so far, so hopefully this weekend, they’ll get more use.

  11. L. Williams

    Great haul! The Charge 3 looks so awesome!

    1. Emily

      I had a weird glitch with it when I first got it, but it seems totally fine now. (and fitbit has AMAZING customer service). The features they added from the charge 2 are a huge leap forward.

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