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First of all – thank you for all the comments and advice I got regarding tall boots. The blogging community really is the ultimate resource. Super big shout out to The Everything Pony who basically made a review post just for me! (not really the truth, but it makes me feel special) Go check it out if you are also curious about the Mountain Horse Sovereign boots. 

We are halfway through No Stirrup November. Posts have been rolling in of various bloggers and their sore muscles, strength progress, and just general struggles. Me? I have ridden without stirrups… twice? I think?

Totally missed fall this year…

Now this hasn’t been due to pure apathy about No Stirrup November. It more has to do with life, weather, and daylight savings. Prior to daylight savings, I was able to round up a couple of no stirrup rides after work. Now, however, riding during the week means riding in the dark under lights.

While May isn’t bad or spooky under the lights and in the cold, she is definitely not her typical self. On top of that… my winter breeches are SLICK (any recommendations here?). To add insult to injury, the weather has just been plain nasty and my schedule has made it very difficult to get out to the barn. 

I’m not giving up though. Failure only really happens when you give up on something (or it kills you… whatevs). So I am determined to continue to drop those stirrups all winter and come back even stronger in the Spring! (maybe, one day, even with new media) Maybe tomorrow I will even get my first weekend ride in since… forever ago. 


One thing has been going really well though. Since joining the gym last week, me and my friend have made it to 3 classes: 2 spin classes and something that I can only describe as some kind of hellish combination of yoga, pilates, and barre. Even after a bath last night, I am INCREDIBLY sore, but it feels good to keep my body moving even when I can’t make it to the gym. 

What about you? Have you been able to take advantage of No Stirrup November?

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  1. nadsnovik

    Since I can barely stay on June WITH stirrups I have not been partaking lol. I have been doing a barre and Pilates class though so I feel your pain!

    1. Emily

      hahaha you have a VERY valid excuse for skipping NSN this year

  2. roamingridersite

    We got 5” of rain Mon-Thursday. No riding could happen. Blah. Planning on hopping on the beast tonight but he is a bit feral at the moment so stirrups are needed. Once he gets settled into some type of program I’m thinking of doing 1 ride a week without stirrups all winter.

    1. Emily

      I don’t think we got that much rain recently, but the ice/snow storm that lasted from Wed – Thursday night was completely unnecessary.

  3. emma

    haha i’ve barely even ridden at all this month, let alone without stirrups. and the time off means i’m sore just from normal riding, so…. ya know…. i’m probably skipping the NSN entirely lol

  4. Centered in the Saddle

    I’m still trying…kind of. I have not been doing a ton of riding due to timing, weather, general apathy and the fact that Duke is not clipped so he is a hairy fuzzball that gets sweaty when we trot like once around the arena. November is just not a great month for me, motivationally-speaking. I feel like I’m still recovering from a pretty intense summer and facing the long winter ahead does not make me feel particularly inclined to work on anything more than finding Duke’s itchiest spots.

    1. Emily

      Oh I get you. It’s on my list to get May clipped… and then we got an ice storm… and I was like meh. She’s ok. I will get to it eventually.

    1. Emily

      May pretends she’s that sassy, but… its not nearly as exciting as she thinks it is.

  5. Karen & Hampton

    So there is ice falling on, and around the covered arena. Going to abandon ship on the no stirrups this week. LOL

    1. Emily

      Oh no! Hopefully it will melt quickly and quietly!

  6. Brianna@briannasblog

    Tanta has been feeling very fresh, which has been… fun? But not great for no stirrups. Lol. (Also, currently only being able to ride her on the trails doesn’t help!) so no rides without stirrups yet, but hopefully soon, even if it doesn’t happen in November:)

    1. Emily

      Like who decided that NSN should be in November? Lol. It gets cold and dark and horses get frisky.

  7. the_everything_pony

    Well as much as I did need to write a post and another review one, it was pretty much posted for you ;D hahaha! I unfortunately have no winter breech recommendations – especially not for Kentucky LOL. Mine are still for just warm winters haha!

  8. Liz

    Winter breeches ARE slick. Oof. Though with a bareback pad they stick well. A great option to fulfill the monthly challenge and be warm.

    1. Emily

      Oh…. A bareback pad sounds really nice. What brand do you have?

  9. L. Williams

    Dante has been pretty sassy too, but I’ve been managing to drop my irons past the halfway point from my ride. It’s all about that incremental progress!

    1. Emily

      I think that needs to be the mantra hahaha “Do what you can”

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