I’ve had my Cambox Isi3 for almost 4 months now, and while I haven’t had a whole lot of interesting things to video, I do have a lot of opinions about this purchase.


1. Picture Quality

I am really impressed with the picture quality of this small camera. The Isi3 is definitely worth it over the Isi2 just for the 1080p camera, in my opinion. I love that I can take still shots from the video and them be worth having. (as opposed to 90% blurry messes)

Like look at the detail on those EARS <3

2. Ease of Use

Hold a button. Thing vibrates. Off we go. (apparently the Isi2 doesn’t vibrate.) Downloading to my computer is as easy as plugging it in and moving the file over. I can adjust how long I want it to make each file, so that gives me control over the size of the files. I needed more help learning to use my Mac for videos. (Thanks Olivia!)

3.  Stays Put but Easy to Remove

I had to trim down the velcro sticker to attach it to the underside of the brim of my OneK. However, the actual camera does not stick out over the edge of the brim. I was a little worried about attaching this $$$ camera to the occasionally rapid movements of my head, but I have yet to finish a ride and feel like it is at all loose.

In fact, I really do have to grab the little tabs to peel it off the velcro after I use it. Great design choice to add those tabs!


1. I can’t check if it’s on.

The lights are completely not visible when it’s attached to my helmet unless I remove my helmet and check it. Since I typically turn it on after I get on, I never REALLY know when it’s on unless I turn it on and off. Even then, is it one long vibration or 3 short vibrations when it turns on? I could check with my phone, but I’ll get into that in a moment.

2. The wifi connection between it and my phone is clunky.

I can get it to work, but it is not something I can really do once I am on the horse and in the saddle. Therefore, it’s pretty tough to check the angle, brightness, etc.

3. Water

I am super terrified that I am going to fall off in a water complex with this thing on. I really don’t think it is waterproof. So fully expect me to hand this thing off to someone the first time we try dropping into a water complex.

I don’t know if anything would survive this water complex hahaha.

Overall Thoughts:

I would buy this again in a heartbeat, so big thanks to the Husband for buying it for me! I have really enjoyed having my rides at my finger tips. I was pretty concerned about attaching something to my helmet that might get in the way in a fall, but the Cambox tucks discretely away under my brim. I also think it gives the viewer the most realistic “real world” view of my ride.

While I hate listening to myself huff and puff, I really do like the audio quality. Getting to relive my ride and re-listen to my lessons is a big help. I can often miss instruction/feedback while I am riding, but I can pick it up easily in the video.

It’s just been a really fun and beneficial addition to my media! What about you? What tech gadgets do you love?

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  1. roamingridersite

    Nice review! I was never a fan of the big chunky go pros hanging on top or to the side of the helmet. It looked dangerous and cumbersome. Personally I generally do not like watching helmet cam videos and doubt anyone would want to watch my boring w/t/shuffle rides so have no current interest in buying one. I’d likely get a solo shot or some such device before a helmet cam so I can watch my ride from the Trainers POV. But again…nothing exciting about watching an 18” jump shuffle so that is way way way down on the list.

    1. Emily

      I REALLY want a soloshot or pixio or something. But I am also pretty bad with technology and have very low expectations for my ability to operate such a thing. hahaha Plus $$$ hahah

  2. martidoll123

    glad you like it. I kind of put it on the back burner so glad i did since i havent ridden 🙂 Sounds overall like it was worth it!! I am so worried i would be a techy idiot and not know how it all worked 🙂 LOL

    1. Emily

      Yeah. We had one quick issue when I first got it (filled up the memory card and didnt know it) but Cambox got on the chat with Matt and worked him through it. Pretty cool customer service.

  3. the_everything_pony

    I certainly love mine! It is pretty easy to use, but since I only have a lesson a week if that and only sometimes reread the manual then I sorta forget which is which haha! But so far so good. I do REALLY need to get a bigger memory card – I haven’t gotten more than the 32 (or maybe 16?) it came with, but when I start riding a little more frequently or finally figure out my schedule I’m probably going to grab one. I actually haven’t had an issue with the wifi at all though! It’s worked pretty well for me to check my camera position. I actually have mine set to 720p – more space for longer video, but at a higher frame per second it looked a bit better quality. But that’s just me lol. I’m glad you like it too! I’ve had about 2 or maybe 3 rides in it so far, so I haven’t felt I’ve used it enough for a review yet. And yeah it is difficult to check to see if it’s on!

    1. Emily

      I will have to try it at the 720 with the higher frames per second! The Isi2 is 720 with 30fps, so the Isi3 should still give better quality at that setting.

      I haven’t had any issue with it running out of room. But I do empty the memory card after every use. A bit more work, but I am always greedy for media anyway hahaha.

      1. the_everything_pony

        I’m a forgetful person, so once I turn it on and it begins recording and I forget about it so then it just stops and I don’t remember hearing it turn off and then I’m out of space and only have like the beginning LOL. Because I always want more media too! lol

        1. Emily

          Bahahaha. You should see the actual XC cam footage. I accidentally sent Michele 10 minutes of me chatting with other riders before my actual XC round.

  4. KC Scott

    Cambox is awesome and definitely the best helmet cam around. I definitely want to upgrade to the new one, but don’t really have anything amazing I need to video at the moment!

    1. Emily

      Glad you like yours too! And who knows, maybe S will start giving you some awesome new footage soon!

  5. emma

    oh man i’m so obsessed with helmet cams in general – reliving those rides is definitely my happy place haha (second only to actually *doing* the riding, obvi!). one of these days i’ll upgrade to something smaller, but my current helmet cam is still going strong after 3 years of regular use and was about half the cost of a cambox, so it’s gonna stick around a bit longer!

    1. Emily

      Oh the cost was definitely a bit hard to swallow. I don’t think I would’ve bought it for myself, but it definitely was a FANTASTIC gift hahaha. A helmet cam of any kind is now on my “must haves” list for any XC riding.

  6. Alex

    I’ve got the soloshot on my xmas wish list. I’m actually hoping to just get the people in my life to contibute some $$ toward it so I can get it down to a more reasonable price for myself. I really want to be able to watch myself ride. As far as a helmet cam, I don’t think that would be very interesting for me, since I’m in the same arenas jumping the same jumps. I love watching xc helmet videos but that’s nowhere on my list of to-dos in the future so not worth it for me.

    1. Emily

      Yeah I think a solo shot would be so great to have. (As long as i could get it to work) All the media!

  7. Dawn

    I’ve used a student’s GoPro and I always feel like there’s so much weight being added to my helmet. I’ll look into this one! Thanks for the awesome well though out review.

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I know a lot of people who use go pros, and I understand why (better video quality etc) but I think the cambox video still looks great and the camera is so discrete and light.

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