If you follow my instragram, you would have noticed that I made a mostly on-a-whim purchase earlier in the month. Enviroequine Shampoo Plus.

My expectations for this were pretty low. I wanted to try a new shampoo on May, and after enviroequine’s decision to sever ties with Marilyn Little, I figured I should throw a little cash that way.

My first impression? WOW, this stuff smells GOOD. That soft lemongrass scent really comes through with other essential oils. Honestly, it smells more like a Lush bathbomb than a horse shampoo. It lathered up super easily. Now, I usually use a brush with my horse shampoo, rather than a sponge. I find that the cheap, plasticy brushes really help curry out any stains in May’s coat.


I dunked her (very dirty) tail in it, and I gave her whole body a good scrub. Everything SEEMED to be doing it’s job, so I picked up the hose and rinsed off. I was surprised that it rinsed as well as it did, as I usually find such sudsy shampoos to be harder to rinse. The strong smell from the bottle didn’t cling to the horse, which was kind of a bummer. This shampoo makes them REALLY smell good: E3 Argan Oil Horse Shampoo It is not an exaggeration to say that barn workers have told me my horse smells good from a distance even days after being washed with that shampoo.

However, like I said, the enviroequine shampoo did rinse clean really quickly. Now, one of my BIGGEST pet-peeves with shampoo is when you get done washing the horse, the horse dries, and all the remaining dirt seems to lift to the surface. This shampoo did not do that, despite May still being mid-shed and really dirty. All I was left with was a clean, soft (and maybe even a little shiny) coat.

Would I buy it again? Maybe not. It is on the pricey side at nearly $35 for 32oz, but I think shipping was free. I do love that her coat was clean without being dried out, but she isn’t one that is prone to skin-funk so this shampoo might just be overkill for us. However, I would try some of their other products.

The E3 remains my favorite, and there is a local company similar to enviroequine that I would like to try. This product also didn’t remove all the stains from her tail and socks. If I am going for a BLINDING white, then I use this purple shampoo concentrate from champion tails: Stain Remover Powder Concentrate. Yes, you run the risk of leaving little purple spots all over your pony, and you have to follow up with a serious conditioner in the tail, but this WORKS.

What’s your favorite pony shampoo?

This review is not sponsored, and the items discussed in this review were purchased by me with my own money.

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  1. roamingridersite

    Now I need to go smell that other shampoo! I use Cowboy Magic but I have a bay horse with no white and she is super clean all the time on her own.

    1. Emily

      Oh the smell is incredible. I literally ran around the barn making people smell it ?

  2. eventerinprogress

    I thought about doing a purchase post ML scandal too but not really worth the shipping to AUS for the products they stocked.

    1. Emily

      Oh yeah! I’m sure that makes an already expensive product absolutely insane lol

  3. nadsnovik

    Even with a grey horse I literally used whatever I had on hand, sometimes Mane N’ Tail (the horror!) or human shampoo if I didn’t like it for myself. Georgie is a pig but she seemed to get pretty clean. Maybe not quite gleaming though… Maybe I’ll ask for horse shampoo for my birthday and see if I can see a difference!

    1. Sarah

      Mane N Tail is my favourite horse shampoo! It leaves maresie smelling nice and her coat soft!

  4. I am so cheap, I honestly just use Orvus paste. A little goes a long way, a tub I bought almost 3 years ago is still going strong, and it gets Juice really clean. I do put conditioner on his tail and forelock because it doesn’t detangle well. Usually just any smoothing, moisturizing human one I get on sale.

    1. Emily

      Nice! I’ve never tried orvus but I know a few people who swear by it. I might have to try it.

  5. Brianna

    I always use cowboy magic yellow out shampoo for my horses white markings, and I find it works really well! His legs are always shiny white after!?

    1. Emily

      I’ve never tried that one! I’ll have to give it a go. Getting her socks super white is always a struggle.

  6. draftmare

    For Sydney’s body and tail I use the Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover shampoo, but I do have the problem of it taking a lot to rinse it out. For her legs I use Vetrolin White n Brite shampoo. I only use it on her legs as at $18 a bottle I find that pretty pricey compared to the Cowboy Magic which is $8 a bottle.

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