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Defiantly continuing my blogging about random topics. Today, the nicknames.

Most horses have 2 names: their show/registered name and their barn name. Some have 3, like a Thoroughbred with a Jockey Club name, a show name, and a barn name. However, I have affectionately given several horses in my life extra names for really no reason:

May – AKA Fat Mare (also called Maysville by my trainer) Granted, May came with the name “Krimpet”, which apparently had been changed from “Delilah.” Her show names were also “Too Many Cupcakes” and “Hey There Delilah.” I think May, Fat Mare, and May As Well are upgrades.


Ezzie – AKA Lady Bird

Red Mare

Why did I call her Lady Bird? Honestly, she sometimes reminded me of the dog from King of the Hill. Occasionally though, red devil would have been a better name for her. She would buck and scream and carry on, but I absolutely loved that horse. Below are a couple of the few videos I have of her.

There was another fiery chestnut mare with a big white blaze named Ellie that I rode for quite a while. I just called her mama. I used to have a picture of us jumping a maybe 2′ vertical jump… and our takeoff spot was a solid stride and a half before the actual jump.

There was also Hamlet… who the entire barn renamed Beelzebub. He started out as Hammie… then he decided that scaring the crap out of people until they got off of him was his new favorite game. He was the first horse to convince me that you really do need to buy the brain, not the looks.. and I was all of 13.

ALSO – who loves my hunter duck here? For some reason, we entered a horse that had never completed a x-rail class at a show in a 2’9″ hunter division. 

Then again, I also do this to my dog (as does my husband). Hannah becomes Hanner-Nanners almost everytime we refer to her. She doesn’t seem to mind.

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What about you? Do you have alternative names for your pets?

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  1. the_everything_pony

    OMG Amber has so many lol. I don’t even know why, I just tend to give all of my animals many names lol. She’s got her show/registered name and nickname, and then there’s Jellybean, Stupid, Mare, Amberlee, Silly girl, Baby girl, Sweet Pea, Hey You, Fattie pants, Hippopotamus, Hippopotamoose’s caboose (LOL). Soooo many lol.

  2. Mulling it to Miller

    Well, Chad affectionately also know as “Lawn Ornament”, also goes by Chadula and King Chad. While Evie just defaults to Evil mainly due to autocorrect, but sometimes it’s quite fitting 😉

  3. Genny

    I love to give lots of nicknames! My poor car has like 3 all on it’s own. 🙂 And that’s a sweet hunter duck!

  4. martidoll123

    Remus is Weemus. Ollie the dog is Ollie Ollie Ollie or Ollie Omelet or Ol-iv-ar (Drawn out) Gretchen is Gretchie Poo and Gretchel. SO funny how we name them so many nicknames

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