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This was supposed to be a lesson update post, but on the day of my lesson before I left for a weekend vacation, I got a text from my trainer. It went somewhere along the lines of, “May ripped her shoe off. We are leaving her in her stall tonight.” Mmmmmk… If the shoe is off, why can’t we turn her out in her soft grass pasture?

This is why:

Oh Hey Wings…

Luckily, I have a great farrier who came out the very next day and managed to make the foot look more like this:


I guess I was right when I told him there would be nowhere for him to nail another shoe into….

Needless to say though, no shoes for May again for a while. Due to my trip and work, I haven’t been able to make the trip to the barn to see if she is sore at all. Planning on going up tomorrow, and I will keep you all updated.

Even if she is sore, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It would be inconvenient, and I would be upset about missing out on riding. However, we aren’t signed up for any horse trails and don’t have anything coming up on the radar that we have been aiming for.

However, I have been really enjoying my lessons and the progress we have been making, so here’s hoping this is just a short bump in the path of progress!

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  1. Alex

    May, the shoes are supposed to stay on your feet! Silly horse. Luckily the farrier looks like he fixed it up pretty nice. Still sucks though. I hate when they rip their shoes off. Hopefully, she feels okay and you guys can still ride.

    1. Emily

      She’s been barefoot before at a barn with rocky pastures and harder footing, so I think she will be just fine. I am sure that durasole and keratex will be my friend for a while now!

  2. KC Scott

    Oooh, ouch! Hopefully she heals quickly and you can get shoes back on.

    1. Emily

      Here’s hoping!!!

  3. heartofhope10

    Owie! Hopefully she’s feeling better and things can resume as usual!

    1. Emily

      Hoping so! Luckily this week is a pretty dead week since everyone is at Rolex.

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