A couple of other shopping-related blog posts got me thinking about buying myself a little something. The costs of moving to a new city, planning for a wedding, Christmas, and being unemployed for a month have meant that I really haven’t bought myself anything horsey for a while.

My most recent purchase were winter-weight SmartPak Piper breeches, which I must have gotten on sale because i never pay regular price for them. I bought them because last year all of my winter riding pants died, and they were reasonably priced (as always). While getting new things is nice, this really was a case of just replacing old equipment.

Now that things are on firmer ground financially, I am trying to decide on ONE thing to spend some money on. Unfortunately, the list of things I want is LONG…

  1. A Browband from Dark Jewel Designs – May has a subtly sparkly browband. It was a gift from my fiance, and I really really love it. It is that perfect understated amount of bling that I appreciate in the Dressage ring. But… XC colors. I would love a sparkly browband with navy and silver and pearls… It would even match my wedding colors. Plus Amelia is awesome, so this is on my list. It just might not be a pre-wedding purchase.
  2. A Bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits – May also has a navy & white embroidered bonnet and a black and silver bonnet. Unfortunately, I rarely ever use them because they really don’t fit her big, moose ears, and they are relatively cheapy ones that don’t stay under the bridle very well. Therefore, I need a new one, right? Again, this would be in our XC colors, navy, white, and silver like the one I linked…. Maybe I can get “May as Well” embroidered on the ears. It should really say, “stop pulling” but that’s a story for another time.
  3. An Ogilvy Profile Pad – I have an ecogold non-slip pad for cross country. I love it. It looks great. However, May is the type of horse who (much like her rider) tends to fluctuate in shape throughout a season pretty significantly. I have an ogilvy half-pad that I really like, so it would be great to have another option for when saddle fit isn’t as perfect as I would like it, or for when we are in our cross country gear for a long time (i.e. schoolings and clinics). Plus, they look really sharp and aren’t terribly expensive… although I might need to design myself a logo if i go this route.
  4. A Micklem Bridle – This is more than pocket change and will likely not happen for a while. However, May can be really fussy about contact. She has shown me she like a more stable bit and goes best with a loose, plain noseband. However, sometimes a loose plain noseband means she turns into a runaway train, so I think a more anatomical bridle would be a great idea. Plus, my current jumping bridle is brown and my saddle is black. That makes this a priority… right?
  5. New Riding Pants – Specifically the Romfh Sarafina knee patch breech… although my tailored sportsmans are probably 7 years old and in need of being replaced too. I would say it’s a toss up between them as to which pair I might invest in. Let’s not discuss how these are almost (if not more) than the bridle in the above post.
  6. New Riding Gloves – Let’s be honest. This is probably what I will end up buying. In navy. My old ones are almost worn through at this point.
  7. A New Jumping Bat – Not a fun purchase, but again, my current one is brown and my tack is black.
  8. Breastplate – I have a 5-point breastplate right now. With May’s build, I just really don’t like it. I think it pulls the saddle down in the front. Also, May will never really need a martingale because of the way she’s built. As a result, I would really like a jumper breastplate or a 3-point that attaches to the girth. The 4-point collar by Lund Saddlery would be awesome… but it only comes in brown at the moment.
  9. Eventing Stuff – Seriously. I got away with borrowing so much stuff last year. I really need to invest in my own watch and pinny, at a bare minimum.
  10. Kastel Denmark Sun Shirts – These are so pretty and everyone seems to love them, so I should own one… right? In reality, I might buy another of Dover’s brand (if I am ever in a store again). I got a couple on sale super reasonably, so I am sure I could do that again. However, if I get to my goal weight, this might be my gift to myself (along with the new riding pants).
  11. New Show Jumping Boots for May – Lots of drooling over this one, as her schooling boots are shot. However, the whole set is over $250. As a result, she will be sticking too the old equifits in front, which I don’t love, and the teckna hind boots, which I hate, for shows. Let’s be honest, most of our BN trials will have XC right after SJ anyway.
  12. A Navy Blue One-K or a One K Skull Cap– This is 100% frivolous. My helmet is fine. it is comfortable, looks good, and is safe. However, who doesn’t love options?
  13. Dubarry Boots – What eventer doesn’t want these boots? seriously… even people that already own them want an extra pair in case they ever stop making them.
  14. Saddle Fitting – ok. this one is non-negotiable and happening in the Spring. I have not been super happy with the fit of either of my saddles, but May needs to lose some lbs before I can justify getting them reflocked.

Together, this all equals over $1,000 worth of items. So that gets me to where I don’t buy anything except the essentials because, for that price, I could fund a couple of events, or clinics, or a bunch of lessons. After all, that’s what is really going to make us better… even if I really want the sparkle.

Either way… I am open to more suggestions. πŸ˜‰

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  1. heartofhope10

    I just treated myself and bought myself some roeckl gloves (and I’m obsessed) and they come in navy πŸ™‚ Also, are you comfortable with eBay? They have awesome deals on the Kastel Denmark stuff.

    1. mayaswellevent

      I have been the one person that consistently kills roeckl gloves. I have no idea if I keep getting bad ones, but maybe I should give them another try!

      I’m not against eBay… and maybe ETT on Facebook would have some cheap too. Thanks for the tip! (And enabling me) ?

  2. aHorseForElinor

    OK sweetie, that’s quite the list!!
    I’m a lover of Roeckle gloves too, but have found Romfs to be almost as durable and a little less $.

    Go for the Sarafinas!! I have the full seats, and I LOVE everything about them! Oh, and a new blingy browband will always feel right πŸ™‚

    1. mayaswellevent

      I have a pair of white, full-seat romfs that are my show pants. I have no idea why I never considered buying them in other colors for schooling. ☺

      1. aHorseForElinor

        πŸ™‚ I was never a fan of them – a bit thickish material, and looked high waisted. Then when Romfs left the Champions and International style behind and made the Sarafinas, I was completely sold. Now I want more! πŸ™‚

  3. Centered in the Saddle

    Go to Kastel’s website and shop their sale section! They have good colors and sizes and you don’t have to pay full price. I’m about to pull the trigger on a long sleeve sun shirt and a vented short sleeve polo for $35 each. I’m obsessed with them!

    I also love the Sarafina breeches and they’re on my want list…but I also have a long “need” list for my first season eventing! I have gotten some good advice on watches – go with a triathlong/running one instead. Much cheaper, does the same thing.

    Also one thing I just did over the weekend to justify some unplanned purchases and my upcoming “need list” purchases is to go through my old but still in good shape stuff and sell it. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of clothes I don’t choose so I can replace with the things I like better (aka more Kastel shirts!).

    1. mayaswellevent

      I have like 15 blankets sitting in my garage that I should really sell. My hoarding problem is bad! Haha

      I did manage to find the Kastel shirts on sale through Riding Warehouse. So I ordered one with the gloves I wanted! Can’t wait to try it on.

      Thanks for the tip on the watch! I don’t love the popular options for eventing because I have tiny wrists and they just swing around on my hand. Good to know there are other options!

      1. Centered in the Saddle

        I have tiny wrists, too! It’s comical, really. And an under-represented problem! Haha

  4. I love the Kastel sun shirts and I buy mine on eBay. I got a bunch for $20 each a while ago. I’m sure that deal is gone, but you will find them on there for way less.

    1. mayaswellevent

      I’ll keep an eye out for them! Gotta wear sun shirts this summer to avoid a farmers tan at my wedding ??

  5. Tracy - Fly On Over

    I absolutely adore all of my Ogilvy pads.

    1. mayaswellevent

      I have the halfpad, which always looks and feels amazing.

  6. emma

    just found your blog and am catching up – May has such a sweet face!! also i love your wish list haha, i’ve got quite a few of those same items and love them! particularly my DJD browbands. i never get tired of seeing them!!

    1. mayaswellevent

      Thank you!! All the positive reviews put one of those browbands at the top of my list.

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