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Finally, an update! Not to bore you all with details, but moving and job hunting has pretty much taken up my entire life over the past few weeks. 

May arrived in Kentucky the day after I did. Thank you to Brook Ledge for doing an awesome job getting her from point A to point B. The trip took a total of 22 hours for May, including a short layover at their facility in Lexington. Unfortunately, guess who couldn’t be there to greet her? Me! I had an interview the same morning. Luckily, fiancé and future father-in-law took care of her for me. 

Of course as soon as I was done with my interview, I changed into the only clothes I had available (some gross sweats) and ran out to the barn to talk to the feed girl and bring the other stuff May needs. May was happily chewing on some hay and literally couldn’t care less that I even bothered to come see her. 

I gave her a few days to settled in then had our first ride. To give you some perspective, the ring is about a 3 minute walk from the barn and she hadn’t really seen it before our first ride. It’s also much bigger than our old ring and it’s open on one of the long sides. May had more than a week off at this point, so she had every reason to be a brat. But she wasn’t!

Our rides since then have been fairly typical for May. A few good ones followed by a touch ride followed by a few more good ones. The best part of the new barn though has been the ability to hack out in a field. There are a couple of fields that are always left open during the day, and the largest is basically a fenced in hill. It’s perfect for long slow conditioning walks. (Sorry for the awful video work)

​[wpvideo A0C40eiq]​
All in all, I have to say May seems to love the new barn, and I can say I’m starting to feel the same. Next time, our first lesson!

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  1. Tracy - Fly On Over

    So glad everyone arrived safe and sound! Cheers to new adventures in KY

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