The vast majority of my rides are done alone with a barn worker around on the property, so I love using tech to help me improve my riding and get some feedback on how things are going. Because, trust me, my ability to feel like something is GREAT, when it is… far from great is very, very good.

First on the list is the only app I pay for regularly – Ride iQ. For $30 a month, I get access to in-ear lessons, random chats to keep me company while tacking up, and really quality podcasts. This one was recommended to me by a friend who said it really helped her bridge the gap between dressage trainers, and honestly, some of my best rides have been Ride iQ lessons.

My favorite rides so far have both been with Jon Holling. “056. Soft & Up In the Connection” was a GREAT ride for my downhill/lazy OTTB. Of course, the beauty of these rides is also the ability to modify them… so this ride when from 10m circles to 12m circles in the canter. We did this one out in the long dressage court in our field, and it took me from arguing with Grayson to us really working together in a light and soft connection – so nice!

Meanwhile, “140. Mental Health Ride” is one I’ve seen talked about quite a lot. I didn’t use this ride because I was feeling burnt out or overwhelmed but mostly because of the hype around it. I didn’t put on spurs. I didn’t grab my dressage whip, and I didn’t even grab my gloves. Mind you, I have been riding in gloves since I was 13, so it’s a rare day that I leave them behind. This ride had me laughing out loud (I am sure I looked like an absolute crazy person flopping around in our only partially mowed hayfield laughing my head off.)

Of course – am I just super dedicated to my riding to remember all the details about these rides? Nope. I have another tech solution for that!

I’ve used Equilab for YEARS. The earliest I could find on the calendar was January 2021, so at least 3.5 years. I love the tracking features. I love being able to go back and reference my rides. It’s a great way to see what has improved, what hasn’t, and what I’ve done about it. I also love being able to see trends in my rides that I otherwise may overlook. Like “oh man, have I really done 15 dressage rides back to back? Let’s go on a trail ride!” It also gives me a good idea of our fitness. Did I do a 45 minute ride with a lot of trot and canter work? And we’re both feeling fresh and good after? Awesome! Or was that 45 minute ride really 30 minutes of walking, and I feel like I am dying… Might need a bit more fitness.

Honestly though, I think I mostly love that it’s also a social media feed of just me, my friends, and our pony adventures. I have friends across NJ, KY, CA, and more on the app, and I just love being able to keep up with everyone and share the minutia of my rides without feeling like I am sharing all my dirty laundry to the world on other social media sites.

Together, the above two apps create this magic!

I will say, I still haven’t signed up for premium. I am debating if it’s worth it, so if anyone does, let me know!

Of course, both of the above apps are great at tracking and making me think I am doing great things, but nothing provides feedback quite like video. I am lucky enough that my husband bought me a pivo a couple of years ago for Christmas, and it really has been an incredibly helpful tool.

I’ve had my pivo a couple of years, and while I don’t always bring it with me (because I am lazy), it has been an invaluable tool for someone who, otherwise, really has no way of ever getting video. I will say, it is expensive, and it is not perfect. It will lose track of you. It will make weird decisions. You will fight with it occasionally, but overall, I am so happy to have it. If I didn’t have it, there would practically never be any riding pics on this blog at all.

Now all I need to do is figure out how I can run all three of these at once! What about you? Are there any apps that you love and use? Anything you WISH existed?

(By the way, this photo is from a short photoshoot I did with Terri Tyler Photography. She is an awesome photographer whose kids ride at my barn)

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  1. Teresa

    I love my Pivo. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts and there’s a few trainers I follow on YouTube.

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