Since the queen always enters the room first, Happy Seven Years to May!

It’s crazy to think that I have had this little mare in my life for SEVEN YEARS. For a fun trip down memory lane, here are some older posts celebrating our anniversary (apparently I missed years 5 and 6… bad horse mom):

When I bought this little mare, I was pretty broken in my riding. My confidence was shot, and I had lost any joy I had in this sport. I figured May would be a fun, easy project, and I could sell her as a solid trail horse, lower level dressage horse, or starter-level eventer. I never imagined that I would keep her for 7 years and that we would get to do the things we do, much less be competitive at it.

We’ve tackled BN courses all over the country including the iconic Kentucky horse park. We’ve qualified for AECs and long format courses. She’s never had a XC penalty and scores pretty consistently in the low to mid 30s in dressage. And the one rail she typically gets in stadium? It’s because mom has some serious anxiety about brightly colored sticks.

And when I decided I wanted to try fox hunting, she went out with her usual confidence and gusto to make it happen. She’s taught be to be a better rider, and more than that, she’s been a steadfast partner for every adventure life has thrown at us.

While she isn’t my main ride right now, (kind of… but more on that later) she’s still my main girl. Currently, she is living up in a paddock right near the barn and is LOVING all the activity. She is also getting plenty of treats. How do I know this? She literally nickers at every person that comes around the corner of the barn. She gives them her sweet “give me cookie” eyes, and I know at least a few people cave.

In true sassy May fashion, she broke a board of her paddock scratching her behind the other week… and went on a wandering tour of the barn. No running around or silliness… just calmly trying to figure out where they keep the good treats. My concern is that it was just recon for future missions.

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  1. martidoll123

    May is the absolute best ever!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love that you bought her kind of as a flip and kept her ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stacie Seidman

    Happy Horsiversary!!! I’m so glad you have each other, she’s the best corgi horse out there!

  3. Avery

    I just love her

    1. Emily O'Leary

      she is the absolute best <3

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