Yesterday, I was super excited to ride my horse. It had been a few days. I set up a couple of lessons for later in the week. etc. On Sunday, May had been ridden on a trail ride by a friend of mine, so she had been out. But I hadn’t! I had a whole plan. A solid Dressage school to check some buttons and see where some stuff was at.

I was even going to meet up with some friends to ride, so I was stoked. Plans were made, and I just had to wait until 2pm PST to turn off my laptop, throw on some breeches and go! Then, my friends had to cancel because of high winds. That’s fine. I will go anyway and ride, who cares! If it’s too bad, I will just give May a carrot and go home.

As I was leaving, I grabbed my new saddle soap and carrots for May. Then I went to refill my water bottle… and left both the saddle soap and carrots on the counter. UGH. Didn’t realize I forget them until I was at the barn. NO WORRIES. I have other cookies for Ms. May.

First time May has been fully clipped, probably ever!

Clearly, May is in a state of distress. I will say, the combination of fly stuff and a blanket is a weird necessity in Southern California. While it wasn’t super cold yet, the gusts of wind were pretty strong. But I was there! I would ride! I just parked away from any trees.

I pulled May up to the grooming area and spent a ridiculous time grooming, as I attempted to figure out how to groom my horse without static. Ultimately, that was a fail and I added dryer sheets on the list of things I need to bring to the barn. But it was FINE. I was going to RIDE. (May doesn’t really seem to care about the static, but it makes me feel wildly guilty.)

I tacked up! May seemed a touch unhappy about her short hair and the girth, so I took extra time getting everything smoothed out to the princess’s liking. (That or she just wanted another cookie… it’s tough to tell.) I also lamented over the fact that, without her winter hair, May kind of looked more fat than she did when she was fluffy. UGH.

I pulled on my boots (WHY ARE THEY SO DUSTY) and tight. Ugh, apparently, I am also a bit fluffy during the holidays… and my avoidance of the gym thanks to the pandemic. But then I was ready! Just the helmet…. Oh no… the helmet. I had brought my helmet liner home to wash. At first, I did what any self-respecting eventer would do. I attempted to use my hair to mimic my helmet liner. If I just tuck this piece up here, and bunch up those pieces… I got it to somewhat work. I grabbed my bridle.

And then I was like… what on EARTH am I thinking? Talk about unnecessary risks during a pandemic… or like… at any time. Was I likely going to fall off? No. Did that really matter? Also no.

So I untacked May, fed her another cookie, groomed her some more. Cleaned all my tack super well… and went home. I still have two lessons this week… including one tonight. so I am making a list. And checking it twice. 😉

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  1. martidoll123

    hahahahha I am so afraid I am going to leave my helmet or boots home. I have a lesson today so now you have reminded me to make sure my boots get out of the dining room and in the truck 🙂 AND you are a mess 🙂 But I enjoyed the whole saga of will she or wont she ride! 🙂

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Hahaha I usually have all my stuff at the barn! So I don’t have to remember everything… and this is why.

  2. Nadia

    Forgetting things at home is my GO TO! It’s SO ANNOYING. Yesterday I forgot running shoes AFTER I changed at work to go running….

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Hahahah! Yes! When I was taking clothes into the office it was like Russian roulette

  3. Holly

    Somehow I don’t think May was disappointed. “I stands and I get tacked up and then untacked and I gets cookies yay”

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      Basically lol. It’s her ideal day.

  4. L.Williams

    I have definitely had days like this haha

  5. Stacie E Seidman

    Oh man! Yeah, been there… Glad you made the safe choice and all ended well (albeit a bit frustrating I’m sure)!

  6. teresa

    Good for you for making the right decision. That’s one thing good about having the barn in my back yard….

  7. carey

    Hah, leaving things at home that i specifically left by the front door so I wouldn’t forget is particularly infuriating for me. I learned my lesson and bought a second helmet liner so I always have a clean one at the barn.

    1. Emily - May As Well Event

      I have two! I think that’s the worst part. I haven’t totally finished setting up my tack locker since the move so it’s sitting in my trunk. Shame on me for sure!

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