I was hoping that the pro video would be available before this post, but I am not surprised it isn’t. They’re still posting the training level videos, so it could be quite a while before mine pops up. Luckily, I have a TON of other media.
One of the reasons I really wanted to do this show was because of the team aspect. Each team member is in a different division, and for Dressage, we all had the same ride time in different rings. Then for show jumping and cross country, we had times one right after another. Our team name? Tutu Cool 4 You. And thus, the tutu mission was launched.
Originally, I planned on wearing a blue or gray tutu to go with my regular XC colors (navy, gray, white) buuuuut somehow, I got convinced to wear hot pink. Honestly? I am super happy with the look and might switch to navy, pink, and white. Thoughts? I know Amanda is going to think I need a pompom.

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Photo courtesy of Xpress Foto.

Soooo back to the course. We actually didn’t walk the course until Sunday morning, since our ride times weren’t until around 3PM. My first thoughts? Oh god there are two waters. My second thought? But no ditch or bank. I was a little disappointed by that, since the omnibus said there would be ditches and bank at all levels, and on top of that, May is a bank and ditch master.
We ended up walking the course twice. The first time was with our trainer to get a lay of the land and to discuss the questions being asked at each fence. Our second walk was just the amateurs. I wanted to decide on my lines between fences, and we wanted to see how the last water rode. My goal with my path between fences? Shave off as much distance as I could.
BN Course (2)_LI
Going to the third jump, I looped super wide so that we could get straight, because I wanted to at least trot before getting to the flags for the water at 4. The water at 4 was flagged at the beginning of the water, not the end like it looks in the map, so I took a different exit out of the water to shave off a TON of meters. Other than that, I just looked for the more inside options.
Jump 1 was a super easy little roll top thing, really more starter height than BN height. My goal was to get her SUPER in front of my leg coming out of the start box, since jump 2 was a pretty big table-type thing. I wish I had a pro pic of that one. How much of an adult amateur am I? After jump 2, I literally said to May “ok! That was the biggest jump on course!” Who can relate?

© Xpress Foto 920-619-8765
The look of concentration on my face vs….. May’s…. Photo Courtesy of Xpress Foto.

We then went SUPER wide to get straight to 3, and I asked for a woah about a MILLION times between 3 and 4, so that we were in a good trot down the steep little hill and into that water.


Jump 5 was basically the same jump as jump 1, but it preceded a little downhill slope and then back up again to an open oxer. May jumped the smaller jump like crap (there will be a theme here) but then jumped the larger oxer SUPER well.
Seven was the fiesta fence! Which despite being super loud and bright, May just decided to tap with her front feet. She got a little tap with the whip after that one. We don’t get to snooze over anything that doesn’t impress you!

© Xpress Foto 920-619-8765
Photo courtesy of Xpress Foto.

Super happy with my ride to 8, the brush coming down hill and off a slightly wonky turn. My plan was to go tighter between 8 and 9, but the hill around 8 just pushed me off that line. I decided not to fight with her and just let her gallop up the hill to 9.
By this point, I am dying. Why am I dying? Because the day turned out to be 75 and sunny, and the only pink shirt I could find? An under armor base layer for winter… So… sorry for the heavy breathing in the helmet cam.

After 9 was a little blue house. We had a good gallop to this one, so she jumped it fine. We had a good stretch before an open oxer in the shade of two trees. I get this jump, but I didn’t love it. the front rail was gray and bright, even in the shade, but the back rail was darker. So I rode it a bit harder than I probably needed to, but it jumped fine.
Jumps 12A and 12B were a LONG combination. I think it walked in 8… I did it in 9. In true May fashion, she thought these were too small to care about and jumped them in awful form. I know what you are thinking, Maybe she was jumping like that because she was tired?But check out the pictures over the last few fences. We crossed the road. (I watched my trainer ride a VERY green horse over the road and she walked, since there were people and tents an ropes and cars etc etc… It NEVER occurred to me that this was a “busy” area. Good thing May was focused)

Then we jumped a little hanging log type fence. I pushed her a bit right here and rode the outside line around the tree and down the hill. Novice had run a similar line all morning and the footing was a bit chopped up. I didn’t want to have any slipping/confidence issues before the last few.

Then she jumped the crap out of the feeder box fence before we turned to our last three fences… At this point, I checked my watch and was like “oh, I have plenty of time to circle to get a good line to the last water.” This was important to me because after fence 15 you had maybe 3 strides then a 90 degree turn into the water, which was down a chute. So you really didn’t see the water until you were desperately trying to yank your horse into it. (if you are me…) So my plan was to jump fence 15 and then circle left so that May could have a good look at the water before going in.

© Xpress Foto 920-619-8765
Still looking for the next one. She’s so cute. – Photo courtesy of Xpress Foto.

This also meant I got an intentionally close distance to 15. I yelled circling (SHOCKED I remembered to do that) and we came back to the walk to walk into the water. Now, the water was deep, but May walked right in. I pony club kicked to get a trot and water went EVERYWHERE. Seriously, the little water droplets floating around are my favorite part of the helmet cam.

© Xpress Foto 920-619-8765
Photo courtesy of Xpress Foto.

At that point, I made the executive decision to tap May behind the saddle to get her revved up to jump the last fence, which was only a few strides out of the water, and it was clear horses had been climbing over it all day.
With that, we were clear! I looked down at my watch a few strides a few moments after the finish, and it said 5:13. Now, I had started my watch during my startbox countdown… and speed fault time was 4:47. The thought that maybe we were UNDER time crossed my mind, but I quickly forgot about it as I watched my other teammates gallop over the last few!
I DID remember after this post though, and I went to look at my final time… 4:50. The fastest horse in my divisions without speed faults. WHOOPS. Guess those times were a little TOO short.
Overall, we ended up with no XC penalties. So we moved into… drumroll please (pretending like you all haven’t look already)…. Seventh Place! I was super happy with our sub-40 point finish, but I was WAY MORE happy with how confident and rideable May felt on XC. I even looked today, and it turns out that we were the 4th highest non-pro in our division.

It was a great way to end a great weekend. Look for at least one more post on this show to talk about all the STUFF that went on outside the competition ring. Until then, definitely let me know what you all think about us converting to pink, navy, and white for our colors!

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  1. martidoll123

    whooohooo look at you guys go. So great a ride. LOL On May’s face on some of them 🙂 HA…and yes you should do pink in your cc colors she looks great in it (And you need a pink sunshirt. EVEN I have one of those, in fact you want it? It is a shortsleeve hot pink HA HAHA I never wear it).

    Pompoms I am not a fan of but sure AC is going to say you need one.

    You guys look great and so ready for whatever is next. 🙂 Glad the weather cooperated for you!!

    1. Emily

      Thank you! It was so much fun. May has ZERO poker face. You can tell which jumps she thought were wroth jumping and which ones we should’ve just skipped. Hahaha I really need long sleeves for my XC shirts (A sun allergy is FUN with horses) SO THE HUNT BEGINS!

  2. Centered in the Saddle

    I’m on board with the pink! And that tutu just blowing in the wind as you galloped along…so funny and awesome!!

    1. Emily

      The tutus were EPIC. WAYYYY better than I expected them to be hahaha. You should’ve seen us all walking to XC. Our horses were jigging a bit and our tutus were just FLOUNCING about. Not bad for less than $20 on amazon!

  3. Jannae

    100% think that pink, navy and white would look fab! And love all the XC pictures with tutus. How awesome!

    1. Emily

      Yay! Now to find the RIGHT pink sunshirt. 😉

      Also – I am already scheming on how to ride in my tutu again haha

  4. the_everything_pony

    If you go to It’s a Haggerty’s you can custom your long sleeve sunshirt! I personally am all for the pink, navy, and white!

    May certainly had jumps she didn’t think mattered! I do love her eyes closed on one of those first photos lol. You two looked so awesome out there tho! Absolutely killing it! I love all the photos! Those tutus were absolutely epic! I vote that also be part of your permanent XC outfit 😉 lol!

    1. Emily

      Thanks for the tip! May was clearly terrified of everything 😉

  5. Cathryn Kozak

    I love the tutu, and you most def need a pompom now haha. Good girl, May!

    1. Emily

      hahaha May is basically perfect, and I think she kind of enjoyed all the attention she got from EVERYONE with our pink outfit.

  6. raincoastrider (T)

    Looking fantastic! Congrats on a great result, too. I like the navy and pink idea!

    1. Emily

      Thank you! She was a total blast XC! <3

    1. Emily

      Thank you! I think little pops of pink would be super fun 🙂

  7. emma

    omggggggggg the tutus are GLORIOUS!! you guys look so good and like you’re having the absolute most fun ever!!! the course looks great and like it had a lot to offer you guys too! what a cool mare, congratulations!! 😀

    1. Emily

      Thank you!!! The tutus reminded me of one of your famous hunter pace outfits 😉

    1. Emily

      Thanks!!! We both had so much fun

  8. eventerinprogress

    I love, love, LOVE this! First of all, May can do this with her eyes closed (clearly lol) and your position over the fences is looking so rock solid!

    Also, I reckon navy and pink would be great on you both!

    1. Emily

      Thank you!!! May was totally on her game, as long as the jumps were higher than 2’ ?

      Already looking at a new XC shirt ?

  9. Holly

    1) you HAVE to ride in pink, MUST. 2) a pom pom is HIGHLY necessary 3) May’s face over the fiesta jump… “I am so bored mom omg” 4) YAS GO YOU

    1. Emily

      I think pink is non negotiable now.

      May was so bored and 100% did not understand why we weren’t jumping the bigger options everywhere. ???

  10. hellomylivia

    OK blogland has spoken and the pink is a NEED!!! You guys look like total badasses, congrats on totally eating up that course!!

    1. Emily

      Apparently, it is possible to look like a badass in a pink tutu 😉

      Thank you!

  11. Stacie Seidman

    Palominos look fab in pink! But if you do that, I’m gonna vote for pompom too.
    You guys ate that course up! Great job!!! Looks like you both were having the best time!

    1. Emily

      All the votes for pompoms hahaha. And thank you, May was just SO HAPPY to be out there.

  12. L. Williams

    Congratulations! You both look so cute in pink on course!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I think I love the pink ?

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