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This lesson was a bit funny because NT had just gotten back from Aiken on Monday morning (like 4am-ish), and I hadn’t really gotten to ride much lately. On top of that, I hadn’t had a serious school on May since her injections (thanks to the weather), and our part leaser (PL) has a combined test on Sunday….

Sooooo I decided to Dressage, since I figured PL was going to be jumping during her lesson that week and then again at the competition. I also really wanted to see if we could pinpoint any improvement in her comfort level with a solid Dressage school. I pulled out the Dressage saddle, and when NT (or ET haha) asked what I wanted to work on, I kept it pretty simple. I wanted to work on our connection through transitions and adjust-ability within gaits. Nothing like the basics to keep you honest.

We started with some flexion work on a 20M circle at the trot. We focused on straight, then overbend, then straight, then counter-bend, all without losing rhythm. May quickly keyed into work and seemed really comfortable bending in both directions, pretty clearly a difference from our last lesson, where she was good but tense in the right bend. Once we had some good bending, NT sent us around the ring for some leg yields.

The leg yields were… fairly mediocre. I haven’t touched them in a while in favor of getting more adjust-ability back to front. But, when we went to do an extended trot down the long side, she gave me a serious effort. She really started to engage her hind end and push through… but my timing in extended trot is REALLY off, so I didn’t half halt soon enough annnnnd she broke to the canter. I was really happy to see the improvement there post-injections, and it definitely gave us something to work off of.

We worked on the same flexibility exercises at the canter, and again, she seemed much happier to shift her bend and balance around as asked. By the end of the ride, I felt like I had a good amount of “weight” in both reins, and I had a lot of influence over her body with my seat and legs. Can’t wait to bring this level of connection and obedience into the show ring!

Side Note: pictures are being dumb in WordPress today, so enjoy the GIFs.

Side Note 2: Being out of the gym for a couple of weeks is definitely impacting my riding, so I finally got back into my regular spin class last night.

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  1. martidoll123

    Glad May seems ready to rock and roll with her new lube job 🙂 can’t wait to hear all about this weekend!! Take a Xanax or something! HA.

    That cat gif. LOL

  2. the_everything_pony

    I remember when I got Amber SI injections for the first time. It was like riding a cloud lol. I’m glad it helped her so much though!

    1. Emily

      It’s always interesting because it is very rare for May to actually be lame, but her willingness in work makes a big change.

        1. Emily

          JUST LIMP ALREADY! hahaha but… please don’t

    1. Emily

      It was great! Nothing like that feeling you get when the Dressage “clicks”!

  3. Madison Ritsch

    Love hearing about other people’s ride and exercises!

  4. Alex

    Ugh being out of shape really really does affect riding. I need to follow your example and get back into doing things outside of just riding.

    1. Emily

      I didn’t notice how much of a difference it made until I stopped ?

      1. Alex

        Yeah it really shows then. 🙁 Guess we need to do extra work if we expect our horses to be athletes!

  5. HunkyHanoverian

    Yay! That sounds like an awesome lesson! I played with turn on the haunches the other day for the first time in ages and UGH so rusty!

    1. Emily

      Hahaha I think turn on the haunches would elicit some serious grunts from the Corgi Horse

  6. L. Williams

    Sounds like the injections are working their magic!

    1. Emily

      Totally! I definitely don’t mind spending the money if they so clearly make a difference.

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