Now, it might not have been the wisest decision to push forward with my trip to Cincinnati on Sunday. Saturday it rained all day, and then temps dropped into the single digits and it snowed. In fact, a lot of churches around Louisville actually cancelled services. Buuuuuut I had an insanely tough week at work*, and I was dying for some retail therapy.

As we were getting dressed, I asked the husband if he was sure it would be ok. “It’s one major highway. It will be fine.”

And… it was fine. Sort of. We definitely hit some areas of the highway that hadn’t been plowed… some areas where only one lane had been plowed, and some areas where they were trying to plow/spread salt. The whole way up, I was refreshing the store’s facebook page. Begging it not to suddenly pop up that they had decided to close for the day.

At around 11:15AM, we pulled into the partially plowed parking lot. And I emerged from a salt and slush encrusted Jeep into weather that was just peeking into the double digits. (at least the sun was out!)

I walked into a fully staffed Dover… and we were the only people in the store. Then, I proceeded to be THE MOST annoying customer I think that woman had ever helped. It’s not that I wasn’t polite… I just wanted to try on all the things.

“What helmet do you have now?” the saleswoman asked, clearly hoping for a quick sale.

“A OneK, but it’s been a few years. I really want to try some other stuff.”

bothelmetI started with the coveted Back on Track TraumaVoid helmet. Middle of the pack in terms of cost, but with all the bells and whistles I was looking for. The helmet fits right in on the shelf with the Charles Owens’, Samshield’s, OneKs and IRHs. The weight was comparable with the CO and Samshield. Maybe a TOUCH heavier than the OneK, but it wasn’t that noticeable. I doubt you could tell the difference on your head. We measured my head (since my current OneK is just a “M”), and the Dover salesperson scurried into the back to service probably the only customer of the day.

The Back on Track TraumaVoid came out. I pulled my hair neatly into my hair net and… it wasn’t even close. Ok. Let’s go a sive up. Nope. Let me put my hair down. NOPE. Let’s go one more size up… I finally got it on my head. And it was horrifically uncomfortable. It seemed that the only place it put pressure on my head was on my temples. I think I have a wide, oval head… like a rounded rectangle. >.< I shifted it around to try and get it more comfortable. I put my hair down, then up again. It just didn’t fit. I didn’t even try to buckle it up.Β  It wasn’t going to work.

Ok then… Let’s try the Charles Owen. They were a bit more expensive than the TV, but cogyr8they were 20% off! They had the round version, so I excitedly threw that one onto my head. And it was like it was only making contact with the front and back of my head… So… no. Maybe I am mistaken…Β  maybe the regular CO will fit my head.

She grabbed one for me, and I put it on. It looked SO CLASSY. It fit pretty good. A bit tight at my temples, but not super uncomfortable like the TV. I shook my head around, and it stayed put. I know the CO are known for compressing down a bit, so I figured it would probably break in. Then I started thinking, what if it doesn’t with the removable liner? Or what if it breaks in too much? Is my head starting to hurt because of the pressure or because I am stuck is some kind of paradox of choice?

I looked to the husband for his thoughts. They’re all black… and they all look the same.

oneksuede“You know…” I started as I looked at the saleswoman… “Maybe I can just try on the Suede Defender OneK.” For a split second, I thought the saleswoman was going to roll her eyes at me, but she’s a pro. She just nodded and found one for me.

“This one comes with an extra removable liner.” (now we were speaking my language.) I stared at the helmet. It’s not flashy, but I don’t tend to like how I look in boring helmets. Anything more flashy just makes me more uncomfortable.

I slid the OneK on my head, and the saleswoman immediately went “oh.”

Why “oh”? Because even from 5 ft away, she could immediately tell that it fit PERFECTLY. The OneK just hugs around my head. There are no gaps. There are no pressure points. It is just even, comfortable pressure all the way around my head. It comes down low enough to not feel like it is just sitting on top of my head, and the chin straps sits comfortably behind my actual chin, but in front of my neck.

So that was that. New Technology is REALLY cool, and I hope it catches into some other helmet brands. Unfortunately, it won’t benefit me until it comes in a helmet that fits my head.

Long and short of the story? Try on as many helmets as you can whenever the opportunity presents itself. When you know, you know. I’ll talk about the rest of my haul after I get to put them on my horse tonight!

*Work got so bad last week that as soon as I could escape on Friday. I went to the barn. I think my bloodshot eyes and not so subtly running nose immediately alerted everyone to how things were going for me. My half leaser had a lesson right after I arrived, but no one would move forward with the lesson until I got on my horse and took her for a walk alone around the field to clear my head.

I stayed that night until my toes froze and I could no longer feel my hands (I had none of my winter barn clothes in my car).Β But my heart and head were both lighter for it.Β 

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  1. Centered in the Saddle

    1. I love that blouse! πŸ™‚
    2. Same for me with the Trauma Void – just didn’t fit at all. Fingers crossed that one of these days it comes out in other shapes/fits or other helmet manufacturers can tap into that tech!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! My mother in law bought that shirt for me, and it seemed appropriate for the day. πŸ˜‰

      The TV was just… a no-go. It’s in a ton of snowboarding and such helmets, so maybe it will eventually trickle over to equestrian sports.

  2. martidoll123

    I think as I said to you on FB we share a same size head. I love my OneK and am sure none of the others will meet the comfort level. UGH

    I know last week was shit for you and glad you leasor and everyone at barn realized you need a quick May therapy session! πŸ™‚ HA!

    I love the blouse too!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! Like I said, best to try on all of them. But it seems that, if you love your OneK, you might not love the other popular options.

  3. the_everything_pony

    I’m sorry the others didn’t fit! But….well, at least the One K fits perfectly? haha Retail therapy is always good tho πŸ˜‰

    1. Emily

      Right! At least my favorite option is in the “more affordable” category.

      Yes – pony noses and retail therapy were so important this weekend.

  4. laurie OLEARY

    You two crack me up! I love reading your blogs………! Glad you have the correct helmet and will be safe!

  5. Amanda C

    This is like the opposite of me. TV and CO fit pretty well, One K does not! lol

    1. Emily

      Hahaha At least that justifies my feelings about the other helmets. I kept thinking “maybe this is just how new helmets feels”… but the OneK was SO Comfy for me. πŸ™‚

    2. Sarah (threechestnuts)

      Same here. Well, not even all CO fit well. The GR8 fits me. The rest are too deep… So at least the TV fits so I can have a well fitting vented helmet?

      1. Emily

        yes! I am pretty jealous of the TV fitting you.

  6. fishwithfeet

    Your angels singing moment was how I felt putting the trauma void on. Head shape definitely matters and I’m glad you found something that’s comfy!

    For the longest time I just had cheap troxels and they were never perfect but they were the ‘best’ fit out of the cheapie helmets. I’m SO glad I decided to increase my budget.

    1. Emily

      Yes! You don’t need to spend a fortune on a helmet… but a slightly bigger budget does open up a lot more options. Glad you found your “singing” helmet. πŸ˜‰

  7. hellomylivia

    Ugh literally nothing fit my head except the CO- I literally told the rep that I wanted anything BUT a CO and when I ended up with one I swear she rolled her eyes at me. Oops.

    1. Emily

      Hahahaha That’s how I felt. I was like OH ALL THE NEW PRETTY THINGS… 20 min later? Yeah, Imma just buy what I already own.

  8. Emma

    ugh sorry to hear about the crappy work day, but thank god for horses for being exactly what we need in those moments! also the one K looks great – i’m the same in that it’s the first helmet that truly fit me. COs are a total nonstarter, not even close. it works tho bc i pretty much adore the one ks and will probably stick with them for the foreseeable future!

    1. Emily

      Yup! As we were leaving, the husband goes “so next time we can just order online?” Hahahaha And… yeah… we probably will.

      Pony noses and the smell of leather make everything better.

  9. Kristy B

    CO has helmets with MIPS technology in them now too…lol. Glad you went with one that fit well !

    1. Emily

      really?! How cool! Wish they fit my head AT ALL. hahah

      1. Kristy B

        Their models honestly all fit so differently there probably could be one that fit. Once they start showing up in stores I am going to find somehwere that has one big enough for me to try so I can convince the boss to order one for me haha.

        1. Emily

          Yeah. I think I have tried almost all of their models now at one point or another. They’re all just that LITTLE bit off. Like this was as close as I ever got to being like Yes! CO Fits me!

          I’ll keep an eye on them tho!

          1. Kristy B

            I get ya, I’m the same way finding my Kask. But I want one with a wide brim and they don’t make them in fat head size πŸ™

          2. Emily

            oh the wide brim Kask is SO NICE. I get your helmet envy πŸ˜‰

      2. Holly

        Ohhhhh, I just found what I want next!

        1. Emily

          πŸ˜‰ I support that decision happening sooner rather than later.

  10. nadsnovik

    Fit is definitely most important! At least now you know!
    Glad you were able to get some horse therapy in too!

  11. roamingridersite

    Sorry your week was that awful. I asked my employee if I could fire myself last week if that helps at all? She told me no πŸ™

    Glad you found a helmet and it does look good on you. I have a long oval head and it’s hard to find a helmet that doesn’t put pressure on my forehead and back of head while not touching the sides at all. I have 2 years left on my current helmet and I’m already dreading that experience

    1. Emily

      Thanks. There is a lot of discussion going on about the value of my mental and physical health going on in my head since last week hahaha.

      Helmet shopping, saddle shopping, horse shopping. ALL miserable experiences.

  12. eventerinprogress

    I am so sorry to hear about work, I hope things get better soon!

    On the plus side – new helmet and a beautiful pony!

    1. Emily

      Yes! Pretty ponies really do make everything better.

  13. KC Scott

    Looks great! So nice when the right stuff just speaks to us πŸ™‚

  14. Genny - A Gift Horse Blog

    I loved the OneK the minute I put it on, but am now having issues getting my hair all figured out in it! Sounds like you had a much better procedure during your “trial”. So glad you found a keeper πŸ™‚

    Love your top too!

    1. Emily

      Oh! I have one of those “Real women ride” hairnets. I just throw my hair in a ponytail and throw that sucker on. Super easy. (Not the most attractive standing around in a tack shop with no helmet on your head)

      I also occasionally french braid my hair, which is also super comfortable.

  15. Stacie Seidman

    Glad you found one that fit so perfectly! Sorry it wasn’t something new and different, but it looks perfect on you!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! It is amazing the difference between a “good” fitting helmet and a “perfect” fitting one.

  16. L. Williams

    Helmets are just one of those things that you’ve got to try on and once you know what works just keep going back to it (hence why I’ve been a CO person for a long time, oval weird bumpy head lol) That One K looks great on you!

    1. Emily

      Yup! Glad I tried on a bunch. Definitely certain in my OneK choice. Fingers crossed that OneK eventually gets the MIPS technology. (and sponsors me because… helmet hoe needs)

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