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First of all, is it possible to take Monday off and still feel like it is a long week by Wednesday morning? Apparently, it is.

The truth is, I am REALLY busy, and my life is only getting MORE busy. Unfortunately, the first thing that falls off my list when I get busy is May. Why? Because the other things are working, sleeping, and eating, and there is only so much of that you can cut before it starts to mess with your life in a big way. This means that, most weeks, I have been getting to the barn 3 days a week… some weeks are 2 days… and some weeks have even been 1 day.


Let me start by saying that May does just fine mentally on very little work. She doesn’t get spooky, hot, or silly when she has days off. Yesterday was the first time riding her in a week, the temperature had dropped 40 degrees (I kid you not), the sun was going down, and I decided to walk her down the road with a friend of mine… past herds of thoroughbred broodmares. She was, as usual, a gem.

However, she physically really needs to work more. May was the most sound and most comfortable when she was working 5 – 6 days a week consistently.


So after some thinking, talking, annoying all the horsey people around me, I decided to put May out there for a half leaser. I won’t move her off property, and I am going to be really picky about whoever I let part lease her. It might mean I don’t find anyone, and that is ok, but it could also be great. (Fingers crossed that it is great and not the worst idea I have ever had).

15.2 Belgian/QH Mare Offered for Onsite Half Lease Only

May is a stocky draft cross mare with experience eventing up through recognized BN and is capable of N with the right rider (i.e. not her owner, who is a chicken). While she is confident over fences and loves XC, she is also capable of being a straight Dressage horse and is schooling First Level. May is also an experienced trail horse and has been on hunter paces in large groups.

While May has never bolted, bucked, reared, etc, in the 3.5 years that I have owned her, she does require a confident rider who can be clear and consistent with their aids. She would do best with an adult rider who wants to have a fun, engaging ride but is not interested in riding a horse that spooks often, gets overly strong, bucks, stops at fences, etc. She would be especially well suited for an experienced rider who is new to eventing and would like to a fun intro to the sport.

Either way – if any of my blog friends know anyone in the Louisville area who can’t afford/doesn’t have time for their own horse but wants a fun ride 3 days a week – Let me know!


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  1. the_everything_pony

    I hear you on the busy. Hopefully you’ll find someone great to half lease May!

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I do think someone would really enjoy riding her. It’s a weird feeling to have a horse that someone else might actually benefit from hahaha

  2. AMC

    Hope you find someone suitable for her. You might try posting in the Area 8 adult riders Facebook group.

    1. Emily

      Thanks! I will!

  3. uncanny580

    Hopefully you can find someone that works well with the both of you !

    It’s been on my mind a bit to do the same lately, but I have sharing problems….LOL.

    1. Emily

      I have so many sharing problems. Like I know it could be great, but I also know it could be a miserable experience. And I have definitely been talking it out with EVERYONE for MONTHS. hahaha

  4. Centered in the Saddle

    I hope it’s great! As an ammy on the other side of half leasing, I am eternally grateful to the owners to share their horses, and personally I care for my half-lease as if he were my own. Fingers crossed for you!

    1. Emily

      Thank you! I would LOVE to find a half-leaser that is half as great as you are. I am sure someone could benefit from a ride like May. Maybe a re-rider or someone who needs their confidence back. Or even someone that wants to low key have fun!

      Fingers crossed that we find the right fit.

  5. roamingridersite

    Good luck finding the right match!! I toyed with the same idea but who the heck would want to lease Gemmie HA!

    1. Emily

      Hahaha I think someone could have a blast with May, but she might have other ideas. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. nadsnovik

    I wonder if you’d want to add that she has to be in a lesson program? With someone you trust? I always worry you may get a rider with different buttons than yours and then May is confused and it’s not much fun for anyone. Not sure if that’s even an option. I know this is a tough decision but it sounds like it is definitely the best for everyone!

    1. Emily

      Absolutely! The actual ad includes the requirement to ride with the resident trainer (my trainer) 2x a month. I think that is fair without being a massive burden. I know I don’t get to lesson weekly, but 2x a month (or at least trying for 2x a month) should keep everyone on the same page.

  7. CatMeena

    Best of luck finding someone! And Incan completely relate on the busy front ?

    1. Emily

      Hahaha I keep THINKING that there will be a slow down, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

  8. Alex

    Good luck finding someone. I’ve considered it to lower costs but the minimum amount I end up getting out is 4 days a week and I like having the flexible schedule to ride whichever days/times I choose. If i had more than one horse, I might do it.

    1. Emily

      yeah, that makes sense. My life is falling into a pretty steady routine since changing jobs at the beginning of the year (no more traveling), but that routine is only leaving me with 3 – 4 days a week to spend at the barn. And I wouldn’t mind adding a pilates or yoga class or something to my routine too!

  9. L. Williams

    awww yeah I always find my horses are more sound when they are in more work! I hope you find the perfect half leaser soon

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