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October in KY is usually one of my favorite times of the year. The heat and humidity drops away, the evenings are bright and pleasant, and the leaves start to show their colors. Except for the first 10 days of this month (I am still counting tomorrow). The first 10 days of this month, this year, have been my worst nightmare:


What the above doesn’t show is the humidity and lack of any kind of breeze… which brought “real feel” temps into the 90s. Even the nights were hot and humid. How does May feel about it?

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Are you sure we have to? #may #horsesofinstagram #whereisfall

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The poor girl has already really grown in her coat. And, do you see what is at the end of this week? Those are 50s with lows in the 40s. Ugh.

So last weekend, May accidentally got Saturday off when the husband and I forgot to completely remove the groceries from my car before I went to the barn. 90 degree temps mean you CANNOT store meats and cheeses in your car for any extended period of time. The adult in me won out, and I went home after picking her feet.

Then on Sunday, May got an easy hack around the field. Maybe 10 min trotting, 3 minutes cantering, and the rest of the half hour walking. She was covered in sweat, and it took a solid chunk of time to get her cooled out the way I like.

This weekend is a total wash, as we will be out of town for a wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, I may have also taken off Monday just so that I could squeak in a riding day. I don’t really have the time at work to sacrifice a whole day, but you only live once and work will still be there on Tuesday.

I am coming to the conclusion that clipping is probably on the docket this winter, but poor May thinks that is just terrifying. What about you? Has fall fully rolled into your neck of the woods yet?

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  1. nadsnovik

    We’ve had the most amazing fall! But it’s snowing right now…so there’s that…

    1. Emily

      Alllllmost jealous. But definitely not ready for snow yet!

  2. martidoll123

    You already know we don’t have Fall yet but it looks like it is coming with a bang here by Thursday (NOT that I really believe it till it happens). The flies have gotten horrendous again too. I had to put both fly sheets on the boys last night or they couldn’t eat their hay in the paddock area. Horrible weather.

    We also could use some rain. UGH.

    LOL on the groceries we did that the other day completely left a bag in the car. Realized it in time we were home and I was missing stuff…but yeah…its hot.

    And Remus hair is growing in and Tate is already winter bound. Seriously he is so fluffy.

    If she hates clipping so much can you sedate her the one time? That is what i would do. i am lucky that Remus usually does not need a full clip (tho he may down here)and he stands still without a halter on LOL Course i am now in the boonies i am used to being able to pay someone to do it for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    FINGERS CROSSED WE GET SOME SEASONAL WEATHER….:) We are close enough our weather patterns usually match…
    Have fun at wedding. AND ha on taking Monday off so you can ride ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Emily

      I have sedated her before for it. But drugging her is always a bit tricky. The drafty blood is really sensitive to sedatives. I think if someone is patient, they will be able to get a good trace clip on her without drugs. I am able to roach her mane, after all.

      If it doesn’t work, we can always just dorm her too though. >.<

      1. martidoll123

        maybe lots of cookies and carrots and maybe just some otc quietex or something might be enough?? poor sensitive May LOL I

        1. Emily

          Such a princess. She loves her flowing coat.

  3. the_everything_pony

    I think fall has FINALLY hit for us. 58 in the evenings and like 80 to 85 during the day with this lovely breeze….. We got lucky haha. This past weekend was rainy, cloudy and quite cool for the desert, but I think it really perked all of us up. It’s been lovely haha. Now I’m just hoping winter isn’t ridiculously warm either. Perhaps I’m getting used to the cold now? How strange lololol.

    1. Emily

      Hahahaha cool evenings would be enough for me. This hiding inside the house in OCTOBER thing is just sad hahaha

  4. Centered in the Saddle

    October in the Upper Midwest is usually wonderful. 65-75 during the day, no humidity, no bugs, cool nights, gorgeous fall colors. This year we skipped straight from 90 degrees to 50 degrees. Literally. One day it was humid and hot, and then it thunderstormed overnight and then it was in the upper-40s and lower-50s and drizzly. We are getting 2 days of proper fall weather this week and then its back to the cold. OH and our indoor arena is getting some upgrades that will be wonderful but render it unusable right now, and all the rain means the pastures are mud pits, so not only are the horses stuck inside but they can’t even be properly worked, we can only go out on a “trail ride” on a dirt road (which is really pretty and nice). That’s an equestrian first world problem if I ever heard one.

    1. Emily

      oooof. Talk about a perfect storm hahaha. At least the indoor should be awesome once finished!

      it’s just been either down pouring or hot and dry here. Not prime pony weather.

  5. Amanda C

    We’re supposed to be dipping down into the 60’s next week, but it’s still in the upper 80’s or low 90’s here too, for the most part. And humid! Blech. Granted, that’s a lot better than the 105 degree days of basically all summer.

    1. Emily

      It’s just not FALL, and we all NEED FALL. hahaha

      1. Amanda C

        I would love to stop sweating profusely for several hours per day.

  6. roamingridersite

    A meme was floating around FB this week that read something like: “Ah the wonderful refreshing fall weather of 95 and humid is so much better than the horrid 96 and humid summer days” It is true tho. This month has been mid 90s and humid. Hurricaine Michael is coming though and ahead of that it has been rainy, cloudy and much cooler. I’m thinking once he is gone it will be cooler until spring

    1. Emily

      Fingers crossed that he passes uneventfully and leaves you all with cooler weather.

  7. HunkyHanoverian

    Fall in Texas so far has just meant lots of rain. Lots and lots. Then hot and humid between storms. Mosquitos are THRIVING therefore I am DYING. Rio doesn’t usually need to be clipped until late November of early December, but we shall see. I have a show this weekend which we did not clip him for, but he also doesn’t have much coat yet, thankfully. Fingers crossed it cools off a bit soon!

    1. Emily

      Oh I would not last with the mosquitoes. I get eaten alive as it is! At least I can just trace clip May. She doesn’t really need to “look pretty” during the winter months. (As evidenced by her FLOOF of a mane)

  8. Alex

    What’s this fall you speak of? I’ve never experienced it. :joy:
    Us SoCal people have Hot and Not So Hot as seasons. So I feel you on the heat. We’ve luckily had relatively cool temperatures (70s) this last week or so and that’s been wonderful. Really makes for good riding in the evenings.
    I’ve been tossing around clipping as well but its such a pain in the butt. And Scarlet is pretty good for it and its still a pain in the butt.

    1. Emily

      Yeah. I would be going the โ€œpaying someone else to do itโ€ route if we clip hahaha. I donโ€™t think i could ever live in such a hot climate. Definitely more of a cold weather girl.

  9. eventerinprogress

    Spring is here, so most of my time is being spent covered in hair.

    I don’t think this shed will end :O

    1. Emily

      Omg I am not excited for the Spring Shed hahaha

  10. Fall here so far consists of endless rain. The trees are pretty and all, but this rain needs to quit it.

    1. Emily

      Ugh on the rain. I do hear that rainy falls mean better fall colors, but who cares if you can’t ride in it.

  11. L. Williams

    I wish they grew their coats based on temperature and not light lol. My horse is fully blown wooly mammoth and its still hovering in the high 70s/low 80s here. I love fall, it’s my favorite season and I really want to start wearing layers again!

    1. Emily

      May fluffed up over night, I swear. I spent
      a week barely working her because I couldn’t moderate her temperature.

      Luckily, now it is actually pretty chilly. She has expressed her love of fall by choosing to stay out in her field for 2 days this week. She is usually the first one at the gate, so she must really be enjoying it!

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