It is now August… so 7 months into the year instead of 6. Since I was already late with this one, I figured I would throw it in as a “bonus” this week. Any time is still a good time for a goals update! I wrote down 6 riding goals in January, and 4 “other” goals. Read the original post here. Let’s see how I am doing!

Red = Not Happening, Blue = In Progress, Green = Achieved

Riding Goals:

  1. Do One Clinic – Hah…. this got wiped off my calendar when I changed trainers. I really want to be comfortable and really “in a program” before I even think about introducing other trainers.

    Throwing in some screenshots from the cambox. I just can’t get over those cute little yellow ears before every jump! Full Videos at the bottom for you.
  2. Do Two Horse Trails – Well, we got one done in May, and I have two more that I have put on the calendar for the end of the season. Giving this one a Blue!
  3. Get In Shape – Actually, I have been making strides here. Getting up at 5AM a few times a week has really allowed me to get some treadmill time in. Is it where I want to be? Nope, but it is progress.
  4. Ride 4 – 5 Times a Week – I would say that I have had more 4 day a week rides than 3 day a week. 5 rarely ever happens since my real-life schedule has been crazy with house stuff, social stuff, and work stuff. (not to mention things like Jury Duty)img_7172
  5. Plan Out My Rides – This one is a Big. Fat. Fail. It is definitely something I need to get back to doing better, including getting on a real schedule with my trainer. Time and money have both been limiting factors for lessons, but there is no reason I can’t get back to planning stuff. August calendar, Here I Come!
  6. Get Comfortable over 3′ Fences – This one is getting a big fat fail mark too. Three jumping lessons since the beginning of the year hasn’t been enough to get me up to BN height comfortably. However, there is a lot more of the year to do, and I have definitely been getting more lessons recently, which have pushed my comfort level up a couple of holes.

Non Riding Goals:

  1. Blog Two Times A Week – This one is my first green. Other than planned vacations, I have been REALLY good about blogging constantly. How good you ask? See this comparison of last year to this year. (Dark blue dots are posts)Blogs.JPG
  2. Clean Up My Email Inbox – Constant Struggle. Still Trying.
  3. Start Meditating Again – Big fail here, and it likely won’t happen. Working out at 5AM has really replaced this. I also no longer work in a place where I have an office, so closing the door for 5 minutes each day is literally not an option.
  4. Do One Thing Every Month That’s Outside My Comfort Zone I had literally forgotten about this one. Some of these aren’t overly impressive, but I feel like they are steps in the right direction for me. Let’s see how I did:
    1. January – Went to St. Lucia and did a tour of the island on a speed boat. Super Fun.
    2. February – Dove into a new job taking on responsibilities beyond my wildest nightmares.
    3. March -Took some serious steps into managing May’s health and well being. I tuned out the opinions of others and listened to my gut… which ended up with the vet agreeing May needed injections and a new dentist finding a very old problem.
    4. April – Opened up a lot more on the blog about my mistakes and regrets.
    5. May – Attended a horse trial at a new venue with minimal outside help.
    6. June – Moved barns.
    7. July –ย  Launched the May as Well Event Facebook page. It is something I had wanted to do for a long time, but I hesitated because I was afraid how others would take it. So far – all positive from anyone who matters.

So what is on the list for the rest of the year?

  1. Do Two Horse Trials – I have 2 more on the calendar, but if we only get to do one more, I will be happy.img_0051
  2. Get in Shape – Forever and Always
  3. Ride 4 – 5 Times a Week – This should still be the goal, even if I am not always successful. Failing is ok. Not Trying isn’t.
  4. Plan Out My Rides – My rides are a lot more productive if I have some idea of what I want to do before I get on.
  5. Get Comfortable at 3′ – I am not giving up on this one. May is capable. I just need more consistency and fitness.
  6. Blog 2x A Week – I am enjoying the schedule. I hope you are too!
  7. Clean Up my Email Inbox – Forever and Always
  8. Do One Thing a Month That’s Outside my Comfort Zone – Growth is uncomfortable. Get used to it.
  9. Move May As Well Event to it’s own domain

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  1. roamingridersite

    Good job! Those are all great goals. I love the one about pushing outside your comfort zone

  2. the_everything_pony

    These are all great! I need the forever and always working out too haha. It looks like such a blast to ride and jump May! Loving the camera footage!

    1. Emily

      She’s such a sassy, game partner when it comes to jumping. It’s kind of fun to share those perky ears with everyone!

  3. Wow so many great things!! I eventually love to work out in the am – but those first few days on that schedule zonk me out lol.

  4. Sleepy Equestrian

    I love May’s little ears ! <3 also I don't know what it is about wordpress blog stats, but I ALWAYS want to read them left to right lol – and then I remember they're up and down…
    Also for what it's worth, I've been trying to figure out meditation for a while now and have come to the conclusion that it totally doesn't have to be something you close your eyes and focus on deep breaths for – that doesn't work for everyone. Riding, grooming and running can all be meditating for me because I can just either be totally present or kind of note that the moment's awesome and I'm thankful for that ๐Ÿ™‚ (sorry for blabbering on, not trying to tell you to do something or not, but congrats on the progress so far!)

    1. Emily

      You know what? You are TOTALLY right about the meditation thing. I think just being more present in my grooming would work. (i.e. STOP thinking about work and just brush the horse hahaha)

      And, total confession time, I had to ask someone about the wordpress stats because I couldn’t figure them out.

      1. Sleepy Equestrian

        Yes exactly ! ? and you can totally apply it to working out in the morning too!
        And no shame, I’m pretty sure I ended up googling it haha!

  5. You’re much more on track for goals than I am. I haven’t even looked back at mine, But I am pretty sure I’m red on most of them.

    1. Emily

      I sort of… forgot about these… so I am glad I did any of them to be honest! Goal making and keeping is an art form that I definitely haven’t mastered yet.

  6. L. Williams

    Congratulations completing some of your goals! Still much of the year ahead of us to get more squared away!

    1. Emily

      Yup! I just keep telling myself that 5 months is PLENTY of time. ?

  7. Liz

    I think my absolute favorite of all of these is the one about getting out of your comfort zone. You’ve done some really huge things this year that fall into that category it sounds like! Well done. By the end of the year you’ll have accomplished so many things.

    1. Emily

      Thank you! It’s kind of an obscure goal, but it’s a really great feeling to get through the year and be like “I did all these things that I didn’t know I could do.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Emma

    It seems like itโ€™s been a great year for you guys so far! Youโ€™ve made a lot of really important decisions – with the move and changing tack on Mayโ€™s care and maintenance and the new trainer and everything. Those small changes can have huge impacts and itโ€™s already so clear that May is responding well to it! Keep it up!!

    1. Emily

      Oh she is loving life hahaha. Turn her out at night? Gives a big whinny and runs across the field to her friends. Need to bring her in the next morning? She gives a nicker and trots across the field to you.

      Living her best life for sure!

  9. Karen & Hampton

    We need to go on a hack on the neighbor’s property!

    1. Emily

      We do! I haven’t been yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

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