May has been settling in really well in the new barn. She has decided the mini pony mare is her baby, but hasn’t been obnoxious about it. Our rides have been pretty mediocre, as I have been having a lot of trouble really getting her into the connection. I will have to get a Dressage lesson on the calendar for next week. So what does a girl do when she really has no events in the near future and riding hasn’t been awe-inspiring? She window shops.

A new XC Top?XC Top

The Aubrion Women’s Performance Cross Country Shirt caught my eye on Riding Warehouse’s site this week ($50). The Navy blue with the silver dots would be really fun for XC, but I am a bit concerned that it might be too hot. The description says it “is made from lightweight, quick drying material to keep you cool and comfortable”, but without the mesh under the arms and perforated fabric, I am not sure it would be as cool as my other shirts. Link

A Real Stock Tie?

Stock Tie

I will admit here that I have never owned a real stock tie. I have owned one stock tie in my life, and it is a SUPER CHEAP pretied stock tie. It doesn’t even need a pin because it has a few silver crystals on it, so I figured that’s good enough. I also probably don’t need a real stock tie, since I have gotten to use all my nice show clothes exactly ONCE since I got them.  However, I am tempted to do some real Dressage shows this winter, so maybe I do need one? Either way, this one from Stock Bubble REALLY caught my eye ($36). Silver and Navy and Classy? Sign me up! (Although, some may argue that I am better suited to the “I’ll Have Another – Red Wine Stock Tie”) Link

A New Helmet?

Now, I have really loved my OneK since I got it, and Facebook reminds me that it is only about 3 years old. However, there are two things that I am really torn about. 1 – the new Trauma Void helmet ($249) and 2 – the Rose Gold OneK ($260). The OneK is pretty, flattering, and I know it will be comfortable and fit great. However, the Trauma Void has new technology that might significantly decrease the severity of a brain injury. The Trauma Void will probably get a trial when I go helmet shopping next, but that can’t stop me from drooling over the OneK. Links: TraumaVoid, OneK

New Boots?


The Super Goop repair on my tall boots has been holding well, and a friend of mine just got a patch done on her boots that looks great. However, my boots really are on their last leg, and I am debating what to do about it. If money were no object? I would LOVE to have these DeNiro Ride & Fly boots ($$$$). Basically a sneaker on the bottom of my boots? Yes Please. However, these are probably WAY outside what I would want to pay for boots, and I am not even close to being a fancy enough person to even know where to buy these things. So I would probably either replace my Ariat Heritage Contour boots ($300) with the updated version that just came out, or I would try the TuffRider Suregrip Field boots ($200). The TuffRiders are about $100 cheaper, so they might get the first try on. Links: Deniro, Ariat, TuffRider

Summer Riding Pants?

Ariat Back

Now, I have tried a couple of pairs of “cooling” riding pants. Most of them show a LOT of LUMPS AND BUMPS, which is not what I am about. I even tried the Ovation AquaX pants, but the fabric just didn’t work for me. Then, I saw that Ariat came out with the new Tri Factor Breech in knee patch and full seat. The pants are made with “Icefil® Xylitol-based cool system reduces skin temperature”. Huh… that sounds… nice lol. I want cooling breeches that offer the same look and support as a more traditional breech. Of course, Ariat only shows breeches on a model that wears a MUCH smaller size than I do (and no shoes apparently). Either way, her butt looks cute, so maybe mine would too? At $150, these aren’t cheap breeches, but they aren’t out there expensive either. With a white and tan option in both the full seat and the knee patch, they might also end up being great summer show breeches. (Am I the only weirdo kind of put off by her bare feet in these pics? Ariat makes some nice boat shoes that would solve this issue.) Link

I think that is mostly it! Obviously, nothing I need now, but I always find it fun to window show for horse stuff. What about you? Anything you have been eyeing?

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  1. uncanny580

    The rose gold OneK is beautiful !

    I am coveting the brown Kasks, but settled on a black one because if the size I ordered didn’t fit the black would be easier to sell…wish I had just ordered the brown!

    1. Emily

      Brown can be so pretty… I’m not sure I can pull it off hahaha. Even Navy feels “Daring” to my hunter princess roots.

      1. uncanny580

        I like to be daring!

        But I dont want to go ALL brown everything. I feel like that would be too much with my brown dressage saddle.

        1. Emily

          Yeah Idk. I think it could up looking super modern and sleek. Some people really pull it off!

          Google “Heather Blitz and Paragon” and check out the images. She has a really cool all brown outfit!

          1. uncanny580

            Yes I have seen hers! I am not a super huge fan, but the horse pulls it off for sure. I don’t think it would look so good on a dark bay !

            I am jealous of the people that can wear Samshields – I love all the different accents that you can pick!

          2. Emily

            I had a Samshield and feel like I “upgraded” to the OneK. Much better fit for me. 🙂

          3. uncanny580

            Yes, whatever fits is the best! I am glad I finally found something that is not a stuffy Charles Owen !

  2. Alex

    I’ve been eyeing helmets in general. I’ll probably need a new one sometime in the nearish future. My current one is like a troxel or something. The chin strap isn’t the greatest fit on me and kinda cuts into my throat. But I’ve spent a loooooot on just me things this year and really don’t want to purchase more things until I absolutely have to.

    That being said, I’m always on the lookout for sun shirts with 50+ protection. I like to snatch them up when they are on sale so I keep an eye out for those. The protection fades after ~100 washes so they have to be replaced even if the shirt itself is in okay condition.

    1. Emily

      Good tip about the sun shirts. I didn’t know the protection “wore off”. I keep looking to see if there were some “non horse” branded sun shirts shirts that are a bit cheaper, but no luck yet!

      1. Alex

        Coolibar has long sleeve tees that are cheaper but the trade off is they are a light weight tee material and not vented. I have some and i survive in dry CA heat but I don’t have to deal with humidity.

        1. Emily

          Unfortunately, KY is a lot of things and HUMID is one of them -.-. The Kastel has been my saving grace, but I only have one of them.

          1. Alex

            Recently, i saw that Tredstep had 50spf as well as Iridion riding wear and Ovation cool rider. SanSoleil has some as well. I think all of these are tech material with vents though I could be wrong.

  3. HunkyHanoverian

    If you try the breeches, I definitely want to hear how they are! I do not NEED anything horse related at the moment, so I am trying not to even window shop (because that always leads to impulse buys.

    FYI, I think DeNiro’s are worth the money! I think The Riding Boot Co in the UK sells those specific DeNiros at about $1000. Pricey- but if you think of longevity… My brown DeNiros have lasted 2 years and other then spending $80 to get the zipper replaced, are still in EXCELLENT condition. I fully expect to get another 4 years minimum out of them. So $1000/6 years is $170 per year of use. Just saying! I’m an enabler!!!

    1. Emily

      If the breeches show up in a knee patch at Riding Warehouse, I will probably order them.

      As for the boots, now you have found us all a great repair shop… so these might end up on the christmas list 😉

      1. HunkyHanoverian

        Whooop!! That’s what I’m talking about 😀 😉

        1. Emily

          And the “Enabler” award goes to…. Hahaha

  4. the_everything_pony

    I am also put off by breech models that wear heels. I just….WHY. We wear tall boots when we ride not heels people. Show the breeches with fucking tall boots (ahem sorry lol). I mind bare feet a little less lol. And yes the models are always smaller. I’m super intrigued by the Trauma Void helmet too. I put on an IRH helmet a few months ago just for kicks, and that has been the best fitting helmet I have ever stuck on my head. I really want to try the Trauma Void helmet, but cannot get the fit of the IRH out of my head lol. So when I do look for a new helmet, I have no idea. I really like that stock tie too. I have been thinking that as Amber and I rehab we’ll start with dressage first so maybe that could be in the future for me……lololol.

    1. Emily

      The heels are ridiculous… What percentage of horse people even wear heels? Like ever? Again, maybe just something I am not fancy enough to understand lol.

      I get not wearing the tall boots because then you can see the nice sock bottoms. However, BAREFOOT? It’s just odd.

      You need one of those stock ties. 😉

      1. the_everything_pony

        I know right?! I sure fall over if the heel any more than like 2 inches. And they must be wedges lol. True so then maybe socked feet? Lololol noooooooo do not tempt me ?

  5. nadsnovik

    I have heard not so good things about the Tuffrider boots. It may be worth doing some investigating… Window shopping is fun! Especially since it seems like companies are making for fun items these days!

    1. Emily

      I’ve heard mixed things, but I know Tracy over at Printable Pony loves hers, and at under $200, it might be worth the gamble.

      YES! I remember when there were almost only tan pants or terrible riding tights and t-shirts or show shirts. Now we have variety so… Just take my money! 😉

  6. roamingridersite

    Window shopping is fun and I love that rose gold helmet. Hiking stores like REI sell sun shirts as well but I’m not sure how much cheaper they are.

    1. Emily

      Ill have to check there! Like I’ve never really bought riding shirt before. A T-shirt was a T-shirt!

  7. KC Scott

    I saw the rose gold OneK helmet and am in love. It’s just so pretty. Curious about the trauma void one, though, it looks like some great technology.

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