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I was scrolling back through my posts to see if I could confirm this, but I am pretty sure Sunday was the first day I did an actual course of jumps in my new jumping saddle… I have popped over a few single fences here and there, but hadn’t actually strung a course together… nor do I think I had jumped an oxer in that saddle… and I know I wasn’t jumping oxers in my Dressage saddle… so how long had it been since we had jumped an oxer… Oops. Oh well.

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(I think that might have been our last oxer… 11 months ago) Sunday was actually really beautiful in KY. We had about 18 hours of dry weather, which was enough for the amazing footing in our outdoor arena to dry up. So I begged and pleaded for the husband to come take video for me. (Really, I just asked since the weather was finally nice enough.)

Hindsight? I should’ve brought my crop with me. The horse with the carriage was out there when I went to get on, so I got on in the indoor and then walked over to the outdoor. No reason to get dumped because I didn’t want to bother to walk an extra 50 feet to a less busy arena. May didn’t seem to have a problem with the carriage this time, which was definitely improvement, but she was definitely just preoccupied with thoughts of what the cart was doing. I couldn’t really get her totally in front of my leg, but she was relaxed and obedient.

My stirrups might actually be a tough TOO short…

Since the jumps were set pretty small, I figured I would just warm up a bit and hope she woke up a bit. (This is terrible horsemanship, but… oh well… I had a relaxed horse.) There was a small box (maybe 12″) set up so that you could canter a 20 meter circle over it, so I started with that. I worked on establishing rhythm without losing suppleness through her body.

After a few times in both directions, I asked the husband to turn on the camera, and I pointed out the few jumps I was planning on doing. The footing nearest where he was filming was a bit deep and wet still, so I just avoided that line, but I wanted to pretty much jump everything else. haha

The moment she realized we were doing more than one jump at a time…

My original plan was to get through the course and then clean up the parts that I felt were messy. Mind you, early in the week I had tried to jump a few fences, and I missed to Ever. Single. One. I COULD NOT find a distance. This time, I shortened up my reins a bit, and focused on keeping my hands a bit higher than what I am used to (but what is probably correct), and keeping my reins short enough that my hands were about halfway up her neck. Below is what we got:

[wpvideo WA4qFEhC ]

Overall? I am really happy with that. The biggest issue is obviously pace. Our pace should be closer to what we have in this clip:

However, the most important thing to me when reintroducing a horse to jumping is to make it as nonchalant as possible. It should feel like no big deal, just popping over a few fences. I can always light a fire under a horse’s butt if I need to… It’s a special skill of mine, so a quieter than expected jump school is a good place to start. Our simple changes were pretty good (although very numerous), and our only small argument was coming to the oxer, where I wanted to hold for no reason coming around the corner. I was wrong, she was right, and I had to pony-club kick for the long spot. Enjoy our small fail photo below:

It is probably also worth noting that I was testing a different bit in this video. A Myler D ring with hooks. No chain, but hooks. Jury is still out on it, but I clearly don’t need the pelham if she keeps going like this! So how do I feel about my jumping saddle around a course and over an oxer? I am pretty damn happy with it still. It doesn’t rock over fences like other saddles I tried. May clearly seems relaxed and happy giving me the long spot in it, and I felt my position was fairly solid given how long it has actually been.

WHEW! Just happy to be doing more than fancy prancing and trot sets though!

Also – who is going to the event-formerly-known-as-Rolex, aka KY3DE, aka Land Rover 3 Day… AKA who knows what they’re calling it now? I will be there for XC with the husband!

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  1. martidoll123

    YAY JUMPING. I never ever jump without a lesson so look at you go. Plus my husband would probably throw up if he had to video me jumping HA HA HA.

    Glad you finally got to try your saddle out over jumps! LOL

    She looks good to me. Love her tude in that one photo though 🙂

    YAY sun and good footing and jumps!

    1. Emily

      I am pretty sure my trainer is giving lessons again at this point… I really need to get on her schedule. (oh and don’t worry, the rain is back. We are getting rain 10 out of the next 11 days!)

  2. the_everything_pony

    May looks super relaxed! It’s funny cause I looked at that going “oh that’s a nice pace. Good and relaxed” then looked at the insta post below and was like “ooohhhh I see what she means by better pace.” haha! Seems I still like slow, which is the opposite of what you want for eventing so I find it funny lol. You two look great tho! So glad you got media!

    1. Emily

      I was watching it too and was like “Oh its not that bad.” Then, I watched that video and winced a bit. It really is a better pace for her hahaha

      1. the_everything_pony

        Haha isn’t it funny how that happens? I’ll watch a video of me riding Liam and realize….it wasn’t actually the best pace ever tho it felt okay haha

  3. L. Williams

    Yay for jumping! And it will always be Rolex to me. #Rolex4eva

    1. Emily

      Always Rolex lol. Although, I told a horsey (but non eventing) friend of mine that she should come visit for rolex next year. And she told me she was so excited to get to wear a big hat! (no honey… Rolex is not the Derby)

  4. I will be at Rolex (or whatever)! I need to update my blog and mention it, I’ll have a tailgate. Can’t remember the space number but I will be posting it soon.

    1. Emily

      Fun! I think my barn is tailgating too… Somehow it feels like Rolex really creeped up on us this year.

  5. Emma

    Woo what a fun school – she always looks like such a fun horse to ride! Awesome that your new saddle feels like a winner too! I’m going to Kentucky as well and hope to meet up with ppl. Feel free to email me at fraidycat.eventing at gmail!!

    1. Emily

      She’s a good girl… but clearly unimpressed by our little speed bumps.

      Yay about KY3DE! I’ll shoot you an email. 🙂

  6. Sleepy Equestrian

    She is so cute! It sounds like it was a successful outing and, like you said, the pace will come, so it seems like a good place to be right now 🙂

  7. Tracy

    May looks happy to be jumping again too ☺️

    1. Emily

      She enjoyed the break from all the flat work ?

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