It probably would’ve been best to post this on Thursday to make it a #TBT (ThrowbackThursday) post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing.

Nearly 10 years ago, a friend of my mom asked for some help getting her QH back into shape. He was a cute dude, and he lived in the barn in her backyard with one other horse. She was fairly timid, and he has been out of work. As I always did at that age, I eagerly hopped on. After trotting around leisurely for a while, I asked him to pick up a canter…


Ouch… I remember that one hurting. I was trying to be nice, given that he was pretty out of shape. A loose rein, up off his back, and gentle aids. After he put me in the dirt, he was put into the contact and asked to really work. He was wonderful after that… but I was always a bit wary of him. I think I only ended up riding him another couple of times before show seasons picked up and then heading off to college in the fall. Although, I do remember feeding and deicing water buckets for her in the winter.

Honestly, the above probably wasn’t this guy’s fault. (I think his name was Buddy.) He was out of shape and a round-type to start with, so I can pretty much guarantee you that the saddle he had on didn’t fit him right. Now, I would have checked the saddle fit before getting on, but back then, I really didn’t know much, if anything, about saddle fit. Buddy also had a wonky right front foot that, even then, I didn’t think the farrier was handling in the best way.

Live and learn people!

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  1. the_everything_pony

    Oh ouch! That definitely looked like it hurt lol. There were definitely a few horses that after I rode them and something like this happened I was wary of them for sure. Thanks for the #TBT!

    1. Emily

      It was a pretty nasty move. I don’t think his owner rode him again after witnessing this lol

  2. emma

    ooooh, rude Buddy! tho in a way i’m glad i’m not the only one who kinda gets a huge kick out of videos of me falling off. always fun for an interesting walk down memory lane….. (even if we don’t necessarily opt to risk repeating history with those same horses lol)

    1. Emily

      In a weird way, I wish I had more videos of me falling off… but like in the past, I really don’t need to fall off now.

  3. Avery

    haha I bet many have a similar story to this. It is always great to look back and know you learned something.

    1. Emily

      And to get to laugh at ourselves a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Avery

        yes of course! Have to have a good sense of humor to work with horses.

  4. L. Williams

    Blegh falling is the pits, glad you weren’t hurt but I totally get you. I’m very wary of a horse once it unseats me (if that was what it was planning on doing.)

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