Do you spot it?

Made the decision to shave May’s mane off this weekend. After a somewhat hot but VERY humid day on Saturday, I realized that her big thick mane was probably going to cause us some grief as the temperature heats up. So off it came!

I will say that May’s one big flaw is she DOES NOT like clippers. The first time I ever turned them on near her, she threw herself back against the back of the stall, and I couldn’t even touch her with them. However, thanks to a lot of patience and cookies this weekend, we were able to get it done… but it doesn’t look at pretty as I would like.

Oh well! Hair grows back. below is our new “through the ears” view, if you didn’t catch it on instagram.

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  1. nadsnovik

    Super cute. I like a roached mane on thick necked horses

    1. Emily

      Well we definitely have thick necked covered! I didn’t realize her mane was actually like 3″ wide across the top of her neck until I started clipping!

  2. Alex

    She looks pretty cute. I’m not a fan of the roached mane personally but I agree that its probably going to help keep her cool. It looks great on certain horses. My horses are probably always going to have the long flowing manes thought. lol

    1. Emily

      It’s not my first choice. But when I found her in her stall and still sweating despite having a fan on her and obviously being in the shade, I figured it was probably time to bite the bullet.

      1. Alex

        Comfort over style. Definitely a good choice. Do you shave her in the summer as well? Or is her summer coat thin enough to not cause problems?

        1. Emily

          Her summer coat is actually super thin, so I haven’t had to bother with it (at least not yet). We aren’t going to be competing this summer, so I can do our rides early or late on hot days. Always an adventure with a Corgi Horse!

  3. I really like when they grow back in a few inches and you get the mohawk look. You might want to try to roach in down more evenly if you’re going to grow it out a bit. The mohawk looks a lot better if you start with a real even neck. I’ve been doing this for years with Nilla. If she hates the clippers you can do it with scissors.

    1. Emily

      Yes! I do have to go back in and clean it up.

  4. KC Scott

    Awww! May’s going to have a Mohawk! So cute πŸ™‚

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